Fighting Series

As I said in a previous post I want to start exploring, expanding upon and explaining my thoughts and practices with regard training for martial arts and the differences in approaches I use depending on the martial art in question.

I am not going to discuss actually training martial arts as I certainly wouldn’t hold myself out as an expert or anywhere near close on any of the types of martial arts that I train in BUT I think I do think I have a very good idea about what some of the most efficient ways to improve your performance in the many different martial arts are…for example my approach is very different between training for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Grappling versus Muay Thai and Boxing versus MMA.

Before I continue I want to briefly mention something…you all know why the strength and conditioning for these sports is very different? If you said because Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Grappling is pretty much entirely a ‘closed kinetic chain’ sports and that Muay Thai and Boxing are pretty much entirely ‘open kinetic chain’ and that MMA is very much a mix of both open and closed chain dynamics you’d be right. If you also realised that these fundamental factors make the training needs for these sports very different you’d also be right. It is also very important that you have this clear in your head before we start talking training. Just in case you are unsure I will include the following definitions so you can have an epiphany 🙂

Open kinetic chain exercises (OKC) or open chain exercises are exercises that are performed where the hands and or the feet are free to move…think punching and kicking.

Closed kinetic chain exercises (CKC) or closed chain exercises  are exercises performed where the hands or feet are in a fixed position…think positioning of the hands with regard ‘grips’ and foot, knee, hip position regard sweeps or submissions.

Now this is a gross simplification but I wanted to keep it that way before we get into more detail in the future. If you have questions or want clarification feel free to ‘google’ the hell out of it or ask me here.

I thought just as a preamble to my next posts on actually training for different martial arts I would just collect and post links to all the other ‘fight’ related posts on the blog just so people can either catch up or review what’s been discussed in the past and get people in the right head space for what’s to follow. I will put them in what I think is a somewhat logical order.

Previous Posts in the Fighting Series

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