Weight Cutting – Online Seminar

So all the invites for the online weight cutting seminar have been sent out so if you are interested and didn’t get an ‘invite’ then you better hit me up.

I am going to go through in detail how to cut weight for competition and most importantly…how to do so without having a negative impact on your performance. I will also be discussing how to efficiently and effectively ‘reconstitute/replenish’ yourself afterwards.

This is the method that I’ve implemented with athletes to safely and effectively lose over 12kg’s in a week and over 8kg in the final 6hrs before weigh in.

It will be at 8am Sunday morning Melbourne time, 9pm Saturday night Dublin time, 5pm Saturday in New York and 2pm in Los Angeles.

You’ll need to find me here:


If you are not assessing you are guessing…or so someone said years ago :)

As some of you already know I’ve had a change to my work circumstances of late and one of the ‘upsides’ of that is that it means I can return to blogging and social media generally. I know you have all missed me terribly 🙂

Anyway…too cut a short story even shorter. I will get some admin and info out of the way to start with.

Facebook and Twitter

If you are looking to find me, follow me, stalk me then the perfect place to start that would be in no particular order of importance…on Facebook…and yes, I know I have my privacy settings set in a way in which people can’t find me but I will tweak that. Just search for Will Heffernan and look for this picture:

You can also follow me on Twitter… @will_heffernan.


The best thing to do if you are so inclined and are interested in what I am doing training wise and or interested in me knowing what you are doing training wise would be to come and join me at Fitocracy. You can click on this link and open account and be directly linked to me if you don’t already have an account.

So what is next?

I am going to finish off the training series that you will find if you scroll down.

I am going to get back to ranting, raving, moaning and whinging just like I used to in the olden days.

I am going to try to balance that out by making some positive, constructive and helpful posts as well.


Dumbest Altitude Training Camp Ever

This is a bit complicated BUT….
1. I think it is funny.
2. I think the information is interesting and useful.

Essentially without getting into too much detail I was asked about the physiological effects of repeated defence force postings to high altitude environments.
1. The place in question Tarin Kowt in Afghanistan probably isn’t ‘optimally’ high enough as the base is/was at around 1300m above sea level…optimally it is said that you want to be at around 2000m.
2. The beneficial effects….this is dependent on what you count as beneficial and what effects you were looking for. Traditionally people are looking for improved ‘endurance’ effects.
3. Serving in a war zone is the dumbest way to improve your endurance capacity 🙂

Anyway…this video is pretty much for those that asked me about it yesterday but I figured there might be a few people out there that also find this interesting.

I got asked about elevated splits squats today by someone that was asked by someone else to ask me about them

People do realise that I am an email away right? Well maybe not 🙂

Anyway….here was a video that I made for Eric of me coaching Eric. Watched it just before posting it here now…made me realise all the things I’ve improved in as a coach…still a work in progress though.

I bet Eric still knows how to do an elevated split squat though.

Fit to fight…fighting fit…fight training

I have been asked a lot about fight training lately. So as usual…as I am so lazy I thought I would take the easy way out and post some thousand year old videos of some fight specific conditioning work. Now let me just say this these are just sessions…just individual conditioning sessions in the midst of a holistic training program but I hope that you will get the idea.

I will post these videos and then expand on this post in more detail if and when I get the time.

A ‘mixed’ fight conditioning block

Another ‘mixed’ fight conditioning block

Here’s a complete session broken down into 3 parts

Upper Body Work

Lower Body Work

Full Body Work

So there you have it…this stuff is a million years old and still way before its time even now 🙂

Knee Care

Firstly, I am going to get back to my ‘fighting’ series. I’ve just been busy with my day to day and night to night job.

I thought I would put this old video up as I’ve had a lot of questions lately about how an old man like me looks after himself.

Well…more than ever now I focus on my mobility and stability work…looking after myself is of primary importance and what it has meant is that I’ve had no where near the decrement in performance that some people seem to think I should have had in my ever increasing years.

Maintaining my mobility and stability has meant that I am consistently able to ‘display’ my strength and my conditioning.

This is a really important topic and one that I will return to in the future but hopefully just reading this will get you all thinking.

In short…think what a bad knee or ankle means to your running performance…what it means to say the result of your 3km time…all the cardio in the world matter for naught if you can’t use it.

What about a bad elbow or shoulder? All the strength in the world won’t help your bench if your injury/issue stops you from displaying it.

Anyway…I’ve got to run…literally 🙂