James holds the most important record in the gym

This is about the same as the single reading for my abdominal skinfold…but I am working on that.

Lunge Variation
I was asked about this the other day as someone saw one of my GAA players doing it in another gym and they asked them what was it for…the player in question told them they assumed it was for a unknown wrong that they had done to me. No wonder so many people in the wider community like me so much when my own athletes have always got such nice things to say about me.

Anyway…here is James doing the same 2 way cable lunge in question.

If you want to know what it does or why I use it try it and let me know and I’ll print it on cards for athletes to hand out.

Something I just saw when I was out and about on the interweb.
This is a good blog…i.e. better than mine and way more interesting.


This ones going out to my main man Joel

I can’t find Joel’s question but I think it was something about inverted rows…or more to the point..improving them…so Joel if this isn’t what you were after ask again and I’ll have another crack at it.

Just as an aside. I was checking out the stats on YouTube and this is the video of all the videos I have on YouTube that has the most views.

I just thought I would throw it up here because it seems like soooo long ago now and I thought the lads in the video would get a kick out of it.

While I’m at it…well done to James McGee who although he lost his first ever Davis Cup match going down in 4 sets backed up the next day to win a thrilling doubles match to seal the deal for Ireland…well done James…yet another successful athlete that I don’t coach in the facility that I don’t have.

James practicing his Jedi levitation skills that only a Yoda like myself could teach

James practicing his Jedi levitation skills that only a Yoda like myself could teach

As an aside to my aside…I heard yesterday that as per usual I had no one to coach…that athletes and clients were leaving in droves and that it was all doom and gloom for me apparently…and I just want to confirm that yes….things are so bad that I will be opening another new 6,500 square foot facility on the north side of Dublin just to keep up the façade and am in the process of hiring yet more actors to pretend to be athletes…that’s how bad things have gotten for me…more news in the not too distant future.

I can’t believe it’s not butter…

…but even more than that I believe that it’s not Wednesday rather than Friday.

Barry’s Morning Session

Today was a tough session. The intervals were shorter and harder than last week but the strength conditioning was easier and yet harder at the same time. I know that sounds stupid but its true. Hopefully Barry will chime in and give you his impressions of the session.

The session was as follows:

10minute warm up on the bike.

Mobility and Stability Circuit – Hurdle Steps, Leg Swings, Over’s & Under’s and Hip Pop Ups for 2 rounds.

Bike Intervals – 2 minutes easy riding then 30 seconds at over 100rpm followed by 30seconds easy spinning for 10 bouts. The thing that makes this hard is that I control the resistance on the bike and make it ‘as hard as it needs to be’…early on that meant Barry pushing at as high as level 16…and that’s hard…most of the bike work we do is at level 5. 

Mobility and Stability Work – 3 sets of horizontal band pull-a-parts and scap push ups.

Conditioning Round 1 – Dumbbell Floor Press, T-Push Ups and then a jab, punch, body shot and hook to the head combination. He had 45 seconds of work time and 15 seconds transition between each exercise. What we were looking for today was quality. I wanted the floor presses to be hard but for him to take plenty of time between reps and try to be as explosive as possible off the ground. The t-push ups were just intended to be nice and smooth and controlled and then to have him focus on throwing nice crisp shots on the pads.

This was followed by another set of bike intervals that were the same as the ones above and then onto round 2.

Conditioning Round 2 – Trap Bar Deadlifts, High Step Ups and then body kicks. The intention here was the same as round 1. Making sure the deadlifts were of high quality, the step ups were as controlled as possible and the body kicks were of a high quality.


This session will make your heart do this!

This session will make your heart do this!

Online and or Distance Personal Training

A lot of the athletes that I coach don’t train in the gym with me all the time. I have athletes that I work with that are located all over Ireland and some of them are in the UK and still others are constantly on the move. I received an email the other day asking about how I manage to do this sort of work and if it is the same as training people face to face. Well naturally online or distance coaching whatever you want to call it isn’t the same as coaching in person but that doesn’t mean that I can’t do as good a job as I can manage. If you go to my YouTube account you probably see about 200 videos or so. There are actually a LOT more videos up there that you can’t see. Videos like this one….

This is a video for James that normally would be ‘Private’ in that James can see it and I can see it but no one else can. Same with all the videos from the seminar. The attendees can see them and if you aren’t one of them then you can’t. It is the same with all the other guys and the couple of gals…they can see all the public videos along with the private ones that are just for them. They send me videos of their training….the stuff that they want me to see because they have questions about or the stuff that I want to see and then I send them videos like this one back. 

So in answer to the question… know online or distance coaching isn’t the best….but that doesn’t mean that it has to be bad.

Where to start…I’ll try somewhere in the middle…but towards the begining

I was standing in the gym this morning around 11am thinking about how happy I am with work…looking around at a tennis player, a mixed martial artist and rugby player…thinking firstly it’s great working with athletes looking to improve themselves and secondly it’s even better getting to work with so many top athletes from so many different sports.

The thing is…they are from completely different sports…can you think of many similarities between rugby, tennis and mma…despite this…I’m pretty much doing the same thing with all of them…just working on different elements…the tennis player was doing testing to find out what he needs to be doing next, the rugby player was doing strength endurance/conditioning work and the mixed martial artist was doing pure strength training….at different times they’ve pretty much done everything each of the other athletes were doing.

The reason that I am mentioning this is that I had another team in tonight for testing…and the results were intriguing…as they always are…I always find the funny thing is that ‘everyone’…that means you…thinks that they are normal…no one is normal…there is no one that is actually ‘average’ or ‘normal’….being able to do 45 push ups in 60 seconds and 5 inverted rows in 60 seconds…is not NORMAL…being able to do more pull ups than inverted rows…is not NORMAL.

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I’ve been very busy…

…I won’t say any more because I know you don’t want excuses…you want updates.

I will try to do a proper update on the weekend…I know this sounds like yet another of my clever marketing ploys to ‘pimp’ my non existent products and to ‘promote’ my non existent books…by telling you all not to bother checking out the blog again till Monday because I don’t think I’ll have time to do anything till Sunday afternoon. I’m trying to see if driving traffic off my blog will increase the massive income I derive from it.

So read this then promise me you won’t come back till Monday…I’ll feel guilty otherwise.

So anyway had a flying visit from one of the professional athletes that I apparently don’t work with today. I might blog more about some of these guys in the future because I think some people might find it interesting. Managing tennis & golf professionals in particular has a lot of interesting challenges as far as strength and conditioning is concerned. Just off the top of my head some of these issues are as follows.

1. A number of the pro athletes I work with are on the road travelling and competing usually 9-11 months of the year especially in tennis and golf.
2. I only get to work with them in bursts of days or at most 2 or 3 weeks at any one time.
3. The facilities are so variable depending on where and when tournaments are on so everything has to be modified or developed on the fly as far as their training programs are concerned.
4. The other difficulty is that the schedule gets thrown out constantly depending upon whether they make the 1st Round or the Final or whether they make the cut.

Like I said I’ll blog about all these things later when I have more time….but for now…take a look at this and tell me whether this is the same better or worse?


I thought I would sneakily come back and start editing and adding to old posts that I didn’t have time to comment on completely at the time I posted them.

We can start from the head down.
1. If you look at both videos you can see the amount of ‘chin poke’ in the first. That has pretty much been eradicated in the second.
2. Look at the difference in the starting position alone in the left shoulder let alone the better control he has over it.

Better symmetry and better control = Good.