The other thing I don’t hate is Leg Pressing

My philosophy is to always use the right tool for the job. The problem I see with a lot of coaches is that they arbitrarily throw away a lot of tools. For example…how idiotic would you have to be to…I don’t know….let me try to think of some examples off the top of my head…imagine a hypothetical coach who doesn’t let his athletes back squat…or maybe Olympic lift…when the only tools you have a hammers every problem they see ends up looking like a nail.

On Saturday I was testing some basketballers…one of the lads had recently had surgery on his patella tendon to alleviate a tendinitis issue. Now as a part of his recovery he was told to squat…and he has been. How squatting is fine…PROVIDING you actually know how to do it.

Here's the player in question in the bottom position of his squat

Here's the player in question in the bottom position of his squat

Now…for this player…with the issue he has had…and with the technique he has…squatting is the LAST thing he should be doing. Now I won’t go into a big diagnostic of squat technique here….that’s not what this blog is about…but what I do want you to look at is the bar. Specifically I want you to look at the bar position in relation to his hips, knees and ankles. I also want you to take a look at the angle at his knee…keep in mind his hips aren’t even close to parallel…at proper depth the acute nature of that knee angle would be even more extreme. Forgetting everything else about his technique….he’s putting an enormous strain on that patella tendon. Also, considering the advice he had to ‘squat’ was given to him so that he’d build up his quad mass….squatting for him…the way he has been is all kinds of shit advice.
This was me just showing him the difference in our techniques

This was me just showing him the difference in our techniques

So look at the two of us in relatively the same position and look at the bar position in relation to my hips, knees and ankles…then as you did before…look at my knee angle in comparison to his? What do you see?

Now this player doesn’t train with me…him and his team was just in for testing. My advice to him….drop the squats and leg press instead. Leg Pressing will maximise the amount of good ‘stress’ that he is placing on his leg muscles….which is after all the reason he was told to squat in the first place. He will put a much less severe load through his damaged patella tendon…leg pressing in this case is the right tool for the job…even if the guy does have a physique like a nail.

Look at the knee angle here relative to when he was squatting

Look at the knee angle here relative to when he was squatting

Squatting or Leg Pressing? Which do you think is going to maximise the loading that he can safely use to stimulate his leg development? Which do you think is going to put the most stress through his damage patella tendon?


I’m really not sure what to title this post…any suggestions?

A few days back I got this question in the ‘Lab Coating’ section:

VV said

Coach, given adequate strength levels, how possible is it to develop RFD and reactive ability while also working on conditioning and performing endurance-oriented activities (cardio, soccer, MMA, etc)?

Is there anything that can be done to keep those fast-twitch fiber from ’suffering’? I understand achieving maximum explosiveness while doing lots of endurance activities are two things at complete opposite sides of the spectrum.

As you are all well aware by now…I hate talking about training theory…I can do it with the best of them…I just find it tedious and incredibly boring. Training practice on the other hand I love talking about and I find those discussions incredibly interesting and exciting. I actually get over excited…to the point where as anyone who has ever spoken to me about training knows…it gets to a stage where my mouth can’t keep up with my brain. I’ve tried and will continue to try to make this blog reflect me and my attitudes. That is to show the stuff that find exciting…the actual training rather than to be like a lot of other blogs on training that seem to be more about showing the reader how well the blog author has mastered PubMed and as a way of showing how many big words they know. I don’t have a problem with that…I read those blogs as well…my point being I think there are plenty of those and too few that actually cover the practical side of strength and conditioning.

SO…let me try and answer the question that was posed not by giving a theoretical answer but by showing you something and giving you something to think about and consider.

This was the session that Barry and Damian did today:


Barry and Damians Session Today

Barry and Damians Session Today

Firstly, let me explain. Barry is a fighter and is training for a fight at the end of March. Damian is in the Army and is training to be ready for anything…and yet he isn’t training at Crossfit…go figure. Damian’s main sport of choice was Basketball…unfortunately I’ve turned him into a rower…so much of a rower in fact that for a few weeks he had the best verified legitimate ergo time in the world for 500m. This style of session could be used for just about any sport though. Barry’s session was entirely fight orientated. Damian’s version of the same session was similar but less technically demanding. I think when you see it you’ll get the idea though.

This was the last set in the lads 1st block

I’ll deal with Barry’s session first. As you can see in the program he had an easy warm up. Did some mobility work to loosen up then had 10x150m with 30 seconds recovery to do on the rower. The idea in these intervals today was to go really hard…but leave a little in the tank…that is…don’t blow up. Barry did all of his just under 30 seconds…consistently strong for all 10. His first strength block was 5 sets of the following: 30 seconds of 60kg benching…what I’m looking for here is around 3-6 reps at the end…it is easier enough to start with but believe me…at the end it is plenty.  They get a 10 second transition. Then push ups for 30 seconds…I’m looking for 12-15 reps here…then he gets the gloves on and I’m looking for 30 seconds of high quality punching. They get 30 seconds recovery and then go again. They completed 5 sets of this. I made a mess of the first block because one of the ways that I progress this type of session is to get rid of the recovery between rounds…I did that in this block today because I had another group doing this style of session the other day and forgot to include the recovery for the lads…so in this first block the quality was less than I was looking for. They still did well though. That 30 seconds between rounds makes an enormous difference though obviously. Then back onto the rower for another 10x150m with 30 seconds recovery…again he was around that 30 second mark on each row. The next block was in the same style as the first…only this time he leg pressed 120kg, then body weight squatted then leg kicked…only this time I remembered to give them 30 seconds between rounds. Followed by another row…which he didn’t do…because we spent too much time messing about earlier on. I’ll make sure that we make up for it tomorrow though.

This was during the 2nd block of training…it didn’t take long for the power of the stopwatch to go to Denise’s head…the same thing happened to the Nazi’s

Damian’s session was same same but different. He had the same row as Barry…he just did his faster. Then leg pressed 180kg or something like that, body-weight squatted and box jumped. Then rowed again. On the second block he did the same as Barry but what I’ll do next time is bench, then push ups then a med ball toss…on his back into the air..something explosive…maybe a med ball throw down. The punching wore him out and was probably a bit technical for what I was trying to get out of the session. Then he rowed again…he only did 7 in the last…which I only discovered looking at his heart rate data and enquire as to why 3 readings were missing. Here is his heart rate data for the session.


Damian's Heart Rate Data from today's session

Damian's Heart Rate Data from today's session

So without going into too much detail…what I am looking to do is something hard and heavy…something neurally taxing but not to failure in the first exercise. Then something that taxes the energy systems in the second and the third is something that forces you to have to suck it up and do something technically demanding. The way this will progress for Barry is that eventually the technical elements will become more technical…I’ll put the pads on and stick my mouth guard in and give him a living, moving and punching target in the first block…it won’t be sparring and I won’t be looking to get a shot at him…I just won’t be making it easy.  Same with the second block…I’ll pad up and let kicks fly. I’ll make sure that I put those videos up as well…I might make those pay per view as I’m sure there will be more than a few people out there happy to see me to get the crap punch and kicked out of me.

Seminar Notes

I’m really just putting this up as a bit of a teaser and to give people either an idea of what they missed out on or what they may be able to look forward to in the future. What I’ve decided to do is to basically redo the entire seminar…only this time make it good. What I am going to do is to take all my seminar notes and present and video them all over again. Only this time without all the troublesome attendees and coffee breaks. It will in the end be the condensed version of the seminar and all the practical material covered…all videoed and itemised. The good thing about it is that people that attended the seminar will be able to ask questions and if necessary and when required I can just go back and rerecord the relevant piece or item. I’ve put an example up below. I’m not going to make them all publicly available because I want to make sure that the people that attend these seminars get the value that they deserve for handing over their cash and making the effort to come to the seminars.

This is one of a series of videos on screening that will be in the seminar notes.

Another of the reasons that I think the internet is so funny

Ages ago I posted this video….

Squats and Depth Jumps.

Thankfully TruthAxe finally got around to commenting on it.

Here are his comments and my responses:

The girl means well. She’s getting bad training here.

If she has to rest on a stool, she’s using too much weight and thus not firing the stablizing muscles as well as the glutes on the way up.

Worse, is this that held squat at the end of plyo depth jump.

Plyo training is about the spring effect gained when off the ground (extension of muscles akin to a pulled slinky), and not about compressed muscles (contraction phase).

Brilliant insight.


As you can see, because of the chair, she’s putting bad, excessive stress on her knees on the way up from the chair sitting position.

Also, in plyo, the key is maximum jump up so the fall distance, thus reaction force is highest.

She should jump as high into the air as she can, spring off the floor, hit the second box and jump off that straightaway.

Spoken like a true internet expert.

Ignorance is bliss eh?

The Irish. Same on both sides of the Atlantic.

Feel free to post all your training videos…show everyone how it is done.

Thanks for showing the world HOW NOT to do it.

The child in this video is ruining her knees, shoulders, lower back and inner upper feet.

At her age, she should not do any squats.

Rightly, she should perform Bondarchuk step-ups, which would put the load where it belongs, hams and glutes first, calves and quad second and not where her ignorant coach has the load placed.

Are you ripping off folks, taking their cash while claiming to be a “strength and conditioning coach”?

So I take it that’s a no then? You won’t be posting your training videos and showing everyone how it is done.

You acted so cocksure that you brazenly posted vids showing your bad training advice, ruining children’s bodies for future athletics.

So now you’re exposed. Crying like an effeminate doesn’t help your case Liam, er, Will.

I checked out your blog.

It looks like you’re an asshole to the whole world and not only to those who post comments on your YT vids.

Good luck defending the rest of your false beliefs during your living. You shall need it.

So that’s definitely a no then? You sure you won’t be posting all your excellent training videos?

So you going to continue ripping off people pretending to be a strength and conditioning coach?

You’re going to continue posting videos exposing your bad methods while damaging children?

You are a complete moron…but don’t worry…I’ll make you famous.

As opposed to what a “partial” moron?

Wow, dumb and obxnious you are.

I’d love to meet your mommy and daddy to what pieces of work they must be.

Now I have a few observations and comments to make:
1. Do people really think that I can’t see ROK’s form breaking down here? We had ‘worked up’ to this weight…and yes…it was too much. Another thing is that we weren’t doing the depth jumps for their plyometric effect. So essentially everything that TruthAxe had to say in his original comment was total rubbish…she wasn’t ‘resting on a stool’…as for putting stress on her knees…the stress is coming from the fact that she isn’t holding them out as she was in earlier sets because she was fatigued…the stress isn’t coming from ‘the chair sitting position’ as TruthAxe pointed out…as for the Plyo element…without going into too much detail here…what we were looking for was a super short contact time on the ground and on landing I actually wanted her to hold that power position longer…not shorter. We do a lot of work getting strong in and around that ‘power position’ both statically and dynamically as it has a huge impact on performance and I might make a post about this in the future…just for TruthAxe.

2. TruthAxe has all the elements of what I love about internet experts…he reads a lot obviously…he has the vocabulary down pat…he even slips in a bit of pseudo name dropping…there are heaps of people like this on the internet…they’ve read all the articles, read all the books etc etc and they know everything and nothing simultaneously. They give themselves away almost as soon as they open their mouths or post a comment. I also love all the insults about my nationality…I’m just surprised and disappointed he didn’t make a drunken fighting Irishman comment…I mean talk about clichés…I mean honestly…how could he not know from looking and listening to the blog and videos that I’m actually a drunken fighting Australian…thus going out of his way to prove my point that he’s a moron.

3. People get confused I think about the blog and videos I post…let me clear a few things up.
– I post vids that I think people would find interesting.
– I post vids of athletes ‘actually’ training…they aren’t set ups.
– I purposefully post stuff that isn’t perfect…because I think it is more interesting than me going over the videos when I get home and picking ones to post that show me in ‘the best light’.

4. With regard to this particular video…there are a huge number of flaws in ROK’s technique…like I said…she was too fatigued in this last set. I knew this…she knew this…we look at video and we fix things up…I think from memory we went back after this set and did a light set just to work on her technique. As for me damaging her and my bad training methods…give me a break…I think her performances and the massive improvements she’s made in the gym might going a long way to disproving TruthAxe’s well thought out analysis…maybe he should email the coaches at Irish Basketball and see what they think…or ask the guys her age who’s arse’s she kicked in testing? She has made massive improvements in both her squatting and deadlifting and maybe from now on I should just ‘set up’ all the videos of her training so TruthAxe doesn’t report me for child abuse.

5. Heaps of other coaches and trainers have emailed me have told me to delete and or just ignore the ‘negative’ comments…to take the high road. The thing is…that just isn’t me…I like the low road. I love annoying people, I love winding people up…I love doing it on the internet as much as I love doing it in real life.

I didn’t start this blog as a chance to ‘show off’ or to try and put myself out there as some sort of expert. I’m just a strength and conditioning coach…that’s it…I’m not the best…but certainly not the worst either and blog or no blog…internet or no internet I would be doing exactly the same job that I’m doing right now. The reason the blog came about was because people were saying I was too negative and didn’t make enough of a positive contribution…and I agreed with them…so I started it.

I deliberately don’t want it to be like all the others out there…it isn’t about optimising revenue, exploiting market opportunities, show casing my talent as a coach…it just is what is…there’s a reason I don’t write ‘articles’…it isn’t about ME telling YOU how to train…this is just what WE are doing…and take a wild guess how much WE care about what YOU think about what WE do?

Only time for a quickie

Have a lot on the next couple of days so the blogging will be pretty sparse but I thought something is better than nothing. Set my stop watch and have given myself 20 minutes to blog and I’ve just wasted 2 minutes telling you that.

Did some basketball tonight and I thought I might just give you an idea of how I put together training sessions because I don’t think I have spoken about my basketball work before.

Our training session looked as follows:

15 minutes warm up, mobility and dynamic flexibility work.
10 minutes full court game – 4 minute 30 second halves with 1 min recovery
10 minutes conditioning work – L & R side shuffle 3 sets, 1 min recovery, L & R side run 3 sets, 1 min recovery, L & R side shuffle 2 sets, 1 min recovery, L & R side run 2 sets, 1 min recovery.
10 minutes full court game – 4 minute 30 second halves with 1 min recovery
10 minutes conditioning work – Pass and run drill…the same one that you’ve seen the rugby lads do, the Gaelic football lads do and the same drill you’ll see the hockey girls do next week. They did 20, 40, 60 with 30 second recovery and 1 minute between sets.
10 minutes full court game – 4 minute 30 second halves with 1 min recovery
10 minutes conditioning work – reaction work in pairs working on the transition from side shuffle to forward run and backward running.
10 minutes full court game – 4 minute 30 second halves with 1 min recovery
Cool down and shooting practice.

I thought I better post this because according to internet law…if I don’t have video of it then it never happened. This is just an example of a side run.

I made it with 2 minutes to spare.

I love getting emails like these…

This is an email I just received from ROK. I thought I’d post it because I always believe in credit it where it is due….particularly when it also means making a total show out of others….which everyone who knows me knows I am a massive fan of.

Hi Will
I’m off to Bulgaria tomorrow but I thought you’d like to hear this story. The boys team came to Luxembourg as well and they found out about all the push ups I can do. They were all like no way you probably cant even do one. So, I had to prove them wrong and I did all my push ups and none of the boys could beat me. None of the English boys team could beat me either. I think I did 20 maybe 30 more than the highest boy?

Any way,

Apparently she got all manner of excuses from the lads…like…’your arms are too far apart….where have I heard that before…oh yeah…that’s right…on the world wide interweb.

ROK is off representing her country in Basketball…not bad for someone who’d only done push ups on her knees when she started with me.

ROK…other wise known as She-Man…you have to admit she’s pretty scary looking!

By the way…I’ve read the comments that Ian, Kira and Joel added and when I get home from work tonight I will deal with them…some great points made and you should check them out if you haven’t…the first things that spring to mind are the following:

1. Obviously a good number of people reading the blog are smarter than me.
2. Why is it that everyone who comments here is far more articulate than me?
3. That I am such a poor writer everyone who comments on what I’ve written posts as if they are translating what I’ve written from another language…almost 50% of posts contain the phrase…’I think what Will meant was…’ or some variation on that theme.

I was on the road tonight

I was working in another facility tonight testing an Irish Superleague Basketball team.

We did a spider test or 150m test…whatever you want to call it…after you finish it people call it a lot of different things…none of which I can print here.

It is 6 30 second efforts with 30 seconds recovery run back to back. Lanes are laid out with markers at 5, 10, 15, 20 & 25 metre intervals. At the whistle you race out to the 5m line and back then out to the 10m line and back and on and on it goes…you basically have to cover as much distance as possible in 30 seconds basically. So if you make it all the way out to the last cone and back that is 150m. I really like this test for field and court sports because It gives me a lot of information in a really short time.

João Mimoso has left a new comment on your post “I was on the road tonight”:

It’s funny that i have the same test for my Basketball team. Only i don’t mark the floor and count the last crossed line(baseline,free throw,mid,free throw,baseline. If they finish just 1m before the next line->boo hoo
Mine is the same…in that whether you just cross one line or get within a foot of the next line you get the distance covered to the last crossed line. I’ve had guys want to punch me in the head after just missing something like 3 consecutive lines by inches…I say ‘want’ to punch me because very few actually have the strength afterwards.

For example…here are some results from this week…one from a basketball player tonight and one from a footballer late last week.

1. 135m
2. 125m
3. 115m
4. 115m
5. 105m
6. 110m
Total = 705m

1. 155m
2. 145m
3. 115m
4. 105m
5. 100m
6. 95m
Total = 715m

Actually…before I tell you what I get out of it…what do you get from these results?

Anyway…before we discuss this test…can I just say I’m a little disappointed. Out of the 8 guys that did the test only 2 of them threw up afterwards…if you are really ‘putting in’ on this test vomiting is usually the inevitable result.

After the the testing finished I gave them some quiet time before we went over the results. Then we headed up to the gym to do their 1RM bench, pull up repetition, push up and inverted row testing.

I had to laugh when I went into the gym…the place was a mess…good facility…not well managed…well basically from the looks of it not managed at all. I thought the sign was a nice touch. Obviously whoever manages the gym rules the place with an iron fist.

I don’t think people really understand what this sign means?

Before that it was business as usual. The Fatathon is going well. I can’t wait till the weigh in on Monday afternoon. I know the guys are doing well because the amount of abuse I’ve been receiving has been steadily ratcheting up this week. I mean above and beyond the standard abuse I receive normally.

The guys had a strength session tonight…Chops, Chunky & Little John the 3 merry men did the following:

10 minutes on the bike
2 sets of 8 reps of hurdle steps each side
2 sets of 8 reps of single leg hip pop ups
Trap Bar Deadlifts – 3×8, 3×4 & 3×2…they went 100kg+ for the 8’s, 160kg+ for the 4’s and 180-250kg for the 2’s.
Elevated Split Squats – 4×8 each leg.

Natural Reverse Hypers – 3×25.
Incline Barbell Press – 3×8, 3×4 & 3×2. If Little John checks this or Chunky maybe they could tell you what the went for each progression…I know Chops won’t tell you because he is a) too weak from dieting to even type. b) too busy thinking of how many ways he’d like to kill me.
Blast Strap Inverted Rows – 5×10
45 degree Back Extensions – 5×10
Bike – 10 mins

Q&A…otherwise known as Questions & Abuse
Michael Sullivan has left a new comment on your post “It’s all about Pull Ups these last couple of days”:

Will Heffernan said…
No kicking off the bottom but I don’t mind you kicking at the top…and it has always been the same.

I think that may be the dumbest thing you have ever said and that is saying a lot. What the feck is the point of the test if a little cheating is OK?
OK…the problem is that I don’t/can’t do all the testing for all the athletes I work with. A lot of them train at a lot of other facilities and I was getting huge discrepancies in testing results so I basically ended up saying no kicking off the bottom to stop the kipping. I will take the criticism on the chin. I know it isn’t perfect.

Why not bounce the bar off your chest when benching,
They do.

use knee wraps when squatting,
Never seen a single athlete ever squat with wraps in Ireland in nearly 10 years.

Dan John hump the bar for inverted rows?
I better not video any of the inverted rows then in that case.

When we tested in Utah you said each pull up had to done from a dead hang and kicking was not done by any of the people testing not even you.
I know…but that was just because it was a group of elite athletes.

I would like to put in a formal protest to the testing committee and would like to revise the testing numbers I submitted. Add 3 pullups to my score, 4 inverted rows and 25kg on squats.
I will lodge your application…wait to hear back from us before posting again.


Adrienl has left a new comment on your post “I was on the road tonight”:

hi will few questions on the testing
1) what type of flooring and footwear was used (eg grass or hardcourt)
Tonight it was on court.

2) Are these results the best worst or middling for what you would expect? (i say a bad middling based on my basketball team)
Tonight’s results weren’t great…but it was their first session of pre season so we’ll see where they go from here.

3)did the athletes pace themselves in any form or was it just go hard from start to finish?( i would think the 2nd option)
I want them to go flat out from start to finish. I want to see the best first score they can get then they should just try and survive from there.

Adrienl has left a new comment on your post “It’s all about Pull Ups these last couple of days”:

Will thanks for that and a few more if you don’t mind
1) so the athletes just do the full testing then go home correct?
Some do and some don’t…but yes, when they are finished testing I am done with them for the day.

2) also with athletes who have a long offseason eg (4+months) do you ever see the need for a deload or does the changing of focus( eg stregnth to fitness) provide it for you? If the former how would you be implemnting them after a strength or fitness type stage?
I have no idea what the hell you are talking about…but let’s just say yes, as I’m in a generous mood.

3) do you ever bother deloading your normal people or do they not really warrant it due to the lower intensity?
Non sport related clients you mean?

just realised that deloads cost you money so maybe you never bother with them 😉
thanks again for your time and patience.
Actually I do…and yes, it does cost me money.

Slowly getting back on top of things

Warning…I am going to be rambling here…read a your own risk…don’t say you weren’t warned.

I spoke to soon the other day when I said that Damian had my computer sorted…he had it almost sorted…unfortunately I need a new router which has been ordered and am told is on way to finish the job…he did however clean up my laptop and it seems to have made a fantastic recovery which has enabled me to get back online and blogging and catching up on the 160 or so emails that were sitting in my inbox…so as per usual I’ll ignore work and blog instead.

When I started this blog I deliberately chose not to make it like a lot of others that I’d seen out there in the strength and conditioning field…I didn’t want to write article type posts. You know the ones…where I tell you all about ‘Functional Training’ or ‘5 Ways to a 1000lb Squat in 6 Weeks’. Instead I just wanted it to be a place where I could post some of the stuff we do training wise. Show you the programs and throw up some video and pictures of some of the stuff we do.

I have been asked a lot of good questions lately and have had a few interesting emails of also which have made me realise how much perspective I seem to have lost and how out of the loop I am…or how in my own little loop I am perhaps.

In no particular order some of the things spinning through my head are as follows…regarding push ups…there was a post recently and I mentioned the fact that Conor McPhillips did 117 push ups in testing…I didn’t think a big deal…anyone who was around when Conor was at the club didn’t bat an eyelid when he did it at the time and big John Ryan who Captained St Mary’s at that time I think did 109 or something like that…over the years I’ve seen a good few athletes get over 100…we are not even really at the beginning of pre season and we’ve guys getting in the 70’s in their first session back…maybe I’m missing something…maybe I’ve been working with athletes too long…60+ push ups in 60 seconds is pretty standard and ROK who is a 16 year old female basketballer with the disadvantage of particularly long levers got 52…but apparently 100+ and 117 are impossible…while you are sitting where ever you are reading this…put your watch on the table in front of you or look at a clock with a second hand…now put your arms out in front of you in a push up position…when you are ready move your arms back and forth as fast as you can and count how many times you can do that in 10 seconds…now that is how fast Conor was doing his push ups in the first 10 seconds of his 60 second test…it is also how fast he was going in the last 10 seconds of his test when I stopped him…he’s coming back to the club this year I hope so we’ll have to video his testing and see how he is going now that he’s an old man…we’ve which we’ve had a great laugh in the gym about the fact that someone mentioned in a forum that they managed to do 100 push ups in 4 min and 48 seconds and they made the comment that they ‘weren’t to shabby’ or ‘weren’t a slouch’ or something like that. I doubt that there is a single athlete male or female old or young in our facility that couldn’t beat that…now that isn’t a good or bad thing…it is just the way it is…anyway…I think I might do a blog post on push up training. Not that we train for push ups…we actually just use it as an indicator….more on that in another post.

Random Thoughts
A few things that I think are worth thinking about…and the first is related to another thing that was brought to my attention a couple of times this week…frequency…a few people have mentioned that they’ve noticed in some of my program that people are training the same muscle groups on consecutive days…well sometimes I have athletes train the same muscle groups not just on consecutive days but every day…different volumes and intensities but the same muscle group. I’ve had a lot of people ask me why I do it and I say to them…because it works…once again more on this later.

I had another coach mention to me something similar regarding an athlete of theirs who seems to respond better to higher frequency of training…too right they do…some athletes tend to respond better to intensity, some to volume and some to frequency…this is what being a coach is all about….which brings me to my next point.

I made a blog post (scroll down…it is that post on periodisation and peaking) which was actually a response to someone I was having a discussion with on a forum a good while back. They were talking about periodisation and peaking for team sports…that blog post was copied and pasted elsewhere and a whole lot of people got their panties in a twist…firstly…a lot of these people completely missed the point of the post…some of them are just morons…some just wilfully ignorant…and a few just total idiots whose total sum of experience comes from what they have read and stolen from peoples books or on the internet and what has worked with their entire data pool of athletes with whom they have experience…i.e…1…themselves.

Anyway…the post was a response to someone else…it was part of a conversation…of which unless you read the other part of it…you would have no idea about…this is the first bit that people have missed.

Secondly…the reason that the 100m was brought into it was because the person that I was responding to brought it up…not me…I just used his example…I googled the results from the last Olympic 100m and copied and pasted them into my post. They were the results…I’ve had emails and seen posts where people have told me that my facts were wrong…THEY WERE THE RESULTS…I didn’t make them up…I copied and pasted them into the post…if they are wrong blame the IOC website where I got them.

Thirdly…IT WAS NOT AN ARTICLE…I think people on the internet are so used to other people trying or pretending to show each other how smart they are or how much better they are than everyone else or they spend so much time doing this themselves that they lose perspective. I didn’t sit at my computer like so many guru’s do…combing PubMed or posting journal requests…it was a forum post written on the fly as a part of an ongoing conversation that was taking part online on a forum and amongst a small number of people on messenger….and if I remember correctly (and I propbably don’t) I was pretty drunk at the time. I didn’t fact check it…I didn’t submit it for peer review or pass it along to an editor…it was a blog post…not a piece of journalism.

Fourthly…it was not about the 100m or sprint training or the Olympics or any of the other stuff that has been discussed in various venues on the interweb…IT WAS ABOUT PEAKING AND PERIODISATION FOR FIELD BASED TEAM SPORTS which is the only thing I have not seen mentioned or discussed anywhere…honest…I’ve not seen one mention of it.

The whole point of that post was about the fact that every time I hear a coach talk about ‘peaking’ a team I laugh…the reason that I went with whole 100m thing after it was brought up is because the 100m is easy for anyone to understand and that these athletes have their coaches, trainers, doctors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, pharmacologists, sports psychologists etc etc etc…the results I posted came for the IOC website…I didn’t make them up…they listed the times, season and personal bests…I merely laid it all out…different people have told me how wrong I am…if those times and seasons and personal bests are wrong…then feel free to post me the correct times and show me which ones I got wrong…other than that…you might ‘disagree’ with me…but that it is a long way from me being ‘wrong’. Someone took my blog post and copied it onto some other coaches forum…I didn’t really care and would have been happy to have a conversation about the post…after all…it was written to take the piss…another point that just about everyone has missed…and to get a discussion going…I wrote it to be provocative…not unlike my university paper on the ‘Benefits of Smoking’ (maybe I’ll make that a blog post and someone can post it on some national anti smoking or cancer site)I’m a coach I spend all my time working with athletes and preparing them for competition and these idiots seriously think that I don’t ‘try’ to have these athletes at their best when it matters most…seriously? Anyway the point was that all these specialist with all their experience struggle to get one athlete to peak…how’s a single coach supposed to ‘peak’ 15 or 20 athletes for a championship game…the answer is…they won’t. My view was and still is to get their athletes…these field based team athletes…remember the ones the actual post was about…you know the ones that not a single person mentioned…to an acceptable level and keep them within 10% of that.

Now you know the reason that I don’t articles…I write like I speak and anyone that has had the misfortune of hearing me speak realises that my mouth has a hard time keeping up with my brain. I also really struggle to get across the concepts and approaches to training I have…but I actually respond better to questions than I do in making statements so if you have questions…or like everyone else you just want to tell me I’m wrong then fire away. I also to reserve the right as usual to edit this post as I go to try and clear things up because sometimes my writing is so bad that I even confuse myself.