So I have a plan…it might not be a great plan….but it’s still a plan

So as I am sure you’ve all already guessed…I’ve been busy hatching a plan. I have a few things on the go with a grand plan in mind…let me run something by you all…consider this as an example…I have started filming some material to go along with an article I’ve written on flexibility, mobility and stability….the more I’ve done the more I’ve decided to do and haven’t decided exactly where I am going to draw the line on it yet. What my plan for the future is as follows…write an article in this case on flexibility, mobility and stability. Upload a video to go along with it. Then to make a time to have a Q&A on Google+ to deal with peoples questions, queries and to get into specifics along with giving some solutions to what has been raised. Then be able to put it all together as a ‘package of posts’ if that makes sense?

Now the above example is pretty wide ranging so I thought I might try it out with something very specific…in this I thought I’d begin with ‘weight cutting’ for martial arts i.e the best way to ‘make weight’ and then replenish yourself before you fight. To look at nutrition in the week of the weight cut, hydration and superhydration, supplementation, training and then thermogenic water loss (bath and sauna).
If you are interested in this then let me know and I will put you on an ‘invite’ list and we’ll work out a time this week.
So weight cutting is going to be my ‘practice’ example and give me a chance to work the bugs out privately and then after that is done we’ll move on to flexibility, mobility and stability….then perhaps resistance training programming or MMA training or maybe I will make up a list of topics and run a poll see what most people are interested in and do it that way,

I’d be interested in reading your thoughts?

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