A quick question about the future direction of this blog

Quick question…particularly for those of you that are consumers of strength and conditioning/health and fitness info on the interwebz.

I’ve been writing this weekend on flexibility, mobility and stability and while doing so I’ve been thinking about the videos that I need to make and or find to accompany the article which got me thinking about whether I should just make ‘video articles’ or whatever you might want to call them?

I was thinking…I am not like everyone else and I don’t have to pepper my articles with product placement and the like so I was thinking it might be more interesting and more informative if I did the articles as mini presentations/tutorials?

That I could do a series on flexibility, mobility and stability. A series on rehab and prehab principles and practice. Then on strength testing and conditioning testing. Then when I post a IP program I could do a ‘run through’ of the program and point out the important coaching points.

That way when people have questions or queries I can just attach a video response where appropriate. Tag them all and build up a video library.

So do people have a preference as to how they get their info? Or could you all care less?

2 thoughts on “A quick question about the future direction of this blog

  1. New reader here, just discovered from an old DJ GetUp issue. Of course I feel entitled to an opinion. I like articles, not videos. Do most of my S&C education at work or on my phone.

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