Dumbest Altitude Training Camp Ever

This is a bit complicated BUT….
1. I think it is funny.
2. I think the information is interesting and useful.

Essentially without getting into too much detail I was asked about the physiological effects of repeated defence force postings to high altitude environments.
1. The place in question Tarin Kowt in Afghanistan probably isn’t ‘optimally’ high enough as the base is/was at around 1300m above sea level…optimally it is said that you want to be at around 2000m.
2. The beneficial effects….this is dependent on what you count as beneficial and what effects you were looking for. Traditionally people are looking for improved ‘endurance’ effects.
3. Serving in a war zone is the dumbest way to improve your endurance capacity 🙂

Anyway…this video is pretty much for those that asked me about it yesterday but I figured there might be a few people out there that also find this interesting.


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