Knee Care

Firstly, I am going to get back to my ‘fighting’ series. I’ve just been busy with my day to day and night to night job.

I thought I would put this old video up as I’ve had a lot of questions lately about how an old man like me looks after himself.

Well…more than ever now I focus on my mobility and stability work…looking after myself is of primary importance and what it has meant is that I’ve had no where near the decrement in performance that some people seem to think I should have had in my ever increasing years.

Maintaining my mobility and stability has meant that I am consistently able to ‘display’ my strength and my conditioning.

This is a really important topic and one that I will return to in the future but hopefully just reading this will get you all thinking.

In short…think what a bad knee or ankle means to your running performance…what it means to say the result of your 3km time…all the cardio in the world matter for naught if you can’t use it.

What about a bad elbow or shoulder? All the strength in the world won’t help your bench if your injury/issue stops you from displaying it.

Anyway…I’ve got to run…literally 🙂