Shoulder Mobility and Stability Work

Sorry for the delay in getting around to the next part/post in the series on taking up fighting. I’ve actually just been busy with my real work this last couple of weeks but I have some time off this week and I’ll get a new post up dealing with the considerations, issues and options with regards to physical training for martial arts.

I thought I would put this video up to buy some time and because I’ve had a few emails about why shoulder mobility and stability work is important and some of those issues are discussed in this video.


6 thoughts on “Shoulder Mobility and Stability Work

  1. Not a shoulder question Will but, what you think of strongman training for conditioning? Personally i think its a load of balls and most an injury risk for team sports, am i wrong?

  2. Ciaran,
    Like all things training related it is really a matter of how it is designed and implemented.

    I’ve used lots of ‘strongman’ type stuff for training…the word strongman is in brackets because to me it is just training. I’ve always done it with a purpose. I’ve designed the loading, the exposure, the intensity and frequency with a well thought out rationale.

    I think a lot of strongman training has the potential to fall into the same traps as say crossfit does. Good crossfit/strongman training designed, coached and done well is fantastic. When people just start doing ‘stuff’ for time or reps…that’s just plain idiotic. Your performance doesn’t improve optimally by just doing ‘stuff’ each day…there has to be a plan, a progression a well thought out and well implemented rationale behind it.

    • Hey Will, what do you do when scap stability circuits make the issue worse? Specifically, pull aparts with the shoulders out and YTWs. Apparently trap dominance is the issue. I thought pulling the shoulders in and down was the way to go but I think I’m reinforcing it rather than correcting. Are there any cues to trick my stupid brain, or scap exercises to avoid until it improves?

      • This is usually a loading issue….as in you are going too hard and or too heavy and reinforcing a ‘bad/incorrect’ movement pattern. You need to go much lighter and scale back on the loading. The same rules apply no matter what the exercise….just because you can do it doesn’t mean that you should do it.

        Sounds like you are just sacrificing some form for the sake of getting your reps in.

        Does that make sense? If it doesn’t let me know and I will talk to you like a complete moron which will probably be pitched more at your level.

  3. The simpler the better I think, idiot proof advice for idiots. At least you know your market.

    It makes sense alright, certainly with the YTWs I may have been working too hard to get all ten, but only with 3kg so I thought that was sensible enough. The pull aparts were just with the purple band though, is there a pink iron woody that’s easier?

    The physio did notice I’m visibly more built up on my left shoulder and arm, and my trap is very active when I put my left arm across my body, so it must have been an issue for a while.
    I’m planning on doing a lot of inverted ring rows, is it possible for my traps to interfere with them?

  4. Re the inverted ring rows…I would ‘graduate them’ as in maybe start off at a 45 degree lean…do you follow. That way you can control the load (minimal) and make sure you aren’t using your traps to much and can concentrate on having perfect for (optimal). Does that make sense?

    With regard to the rest of your post…yes, you’re an idiot…yes, I know I appeal to idiots at an intellectual level…no, your assumption was not a sensible one…see my point above with regard your apparent idiocy…no, I don’t think there is a pink iron woody band…maybe you could just loop about 50 elastic bands together and use that.

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