Hip Stability Work

I thought that since the last video looked at method for measuring hip mobility and stability that I would put up some reminders of how hip mobility and stability can be trained. First of all, here’s James McGee the Irish Davis Cup tennis professional doing some lower body stability work.


5 thoughts on “Hip Stability Work

  1. Em…er….everything 😦
    The google machine would have me believe that the purpose of hip stability is to build strength in the hips and that it is needed to perform correct movement patterns, yes?
    So, how important is hip stability, is it like a mobility thing where most people could benefit from doing the drills,and finally, the drills in that video look like they’d absolutely butcher my hip flexors…any chance that they’d make my hips even tighter? or that they could be too advanced for me

  2. Correct..is the answer to your first question.

    Hip stability is as important as hip mobility.

    These drills wouldn’t butcher your hips if you did them with a suitable resistance to start.

    This is a pretty simple drill. I am sure you’d be fine with it. For me as always it’s about how much time you have and what’s the best way to utilise your time to get the maximum return by way of performance or health.

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