So you say you want to be a fighter?


One of the questions I get asked a lot is…what do I need to do to get into fighting. Sometimes it’s people wanting to get into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Sometimes it’s Muay Thai. Sometimes it’s boxing. Most of the time though it is people wanting to take up Mixed Martial Arts.

So I thought that the first thing I’d write about is answering this question in some detail. I figured I’d outline it here first so that if people have any particular questions or comments they can make them here and I can deal with them as I am writing each individual blog post.

What I am going to do is this:

1. In my first post…I want to talk generally about fighting and what are the requirements of fighting in general.

2. In the second I want to talk about what you need to do at the outset to prepare yourself for fighting…this will cover material like your general flexibility, mobility and stability work…making sure that you are sound when you first step onto the mats, into the ring or in the cage to start training.

3. The next article I’ll talk about strength training for fight sports and the type of ‘strength’ work that is applicable to the various styles and types of fighting.

4. In the next I will do the same with conditioning work…being fit to fight…again the different fight sports take different types of fitness to excel. Not just that but different type of conditioning also change the way that you can fight those different styles.

5. The next will be a post regarding how to put all your ‘off mat’ work together into a program that optimises the time you have at your disposal to maximise your returns.

6. I want to wrap up all my thoughts on nutrition from a gaining muscle mass to losing body fat and finding your perfect weight class to fight in. I am also contemplating letting everyone in on my ‘secretz’ for weight cutting and making weight for fights. I may or may not do this…I need to think about it while I am working my way here.

7. Lastly, I’ll talk about what I think the different styles have to offer and the benefits of each of them. I figure this should keep me busy enough in my free time when I am not coaching, training or fighting myself. Sounds like a few months of work now that I look at it so stay tuned.

Once I have completed this little project I figure I might just interview some fighters in these different fighting styles that are competing at the top of the game and get some different opinions just to see what they do, what they’ve done, what they wished they’d done.

So if anyone has anything to add or questions to ask…then go for your life or you can just sit back and hopefully enjoy it as it unfolds.


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