Change is in the wind

Just to keep you in the loop…there are going to be some major changes going on here over the next little while. Some of them will be superficial and appearance related and the more important ones will be content related.

If you are reading this and there is material that you are interested in be sure to pop a comment here and I will get onto it.

Amongst other things I’ve been going through the blog stats looking at what searches bring people to the site so I am going to try and ‘deal’ with those things first but I’d be interested in hearing what people find particularly interesting.

Also…if anyone out there is more ‘social media’ savvy than I am feel free to offer comments or suggestions as far as the best way to tie up the blog, bookface and tweeter as cleanly as possible?

I am also just as interested in things that you don’t like…be that constructive or non constructive criticism.


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