The month that was

So I thought I better do a bit of a recap on the past month. In short it’s been great but plenty of room for improvement. I have been pressed for time and working hard but still manage to fit my training in….not as much BJJ as I’d like but enough of everything else to keep me happy. BJJ is the hardest to ‘fit in’ as I have to fit the class schedule and sometimes that just doesn’t work out for me….but am still trying to make it fit as best I can…as often as I can.

I am doing a lot more mountain bike riding and have been training in a a beautiful park gym by the sea….think pull up bars, monkey bars, dip bars, various incline sit up and push up stations, bars to inverted row on, step up platforms etc etc etc. Here’s a photo actually….


I am happy with my fat loss….as in I am visibly and consistently getting leaner and my performance is improving. Going to spend the month of March just trying to be as consistent as work will allow and then test at the end of this month and set myself some new goals to go after.