The week that was

So this was really Week 2  of my new program and in reality NEXT week will really be my first week where I have my diet/nutrition AND my training all ordered and structured….if you know what I mean. On the basis that you don’t know what I mean…let me explain. Last week I was just eating whatever….just eating ‘normally’ and training. This week was the first week I got my diet/nutrition in order…in that I deliberately organised and structured my meals and recorded it all as well as training. I am still trying to work out exactly how much training I am going to do and how I am going to structure it…I am trying to balance my training to try to optimise my return on investment time wise from training. I think this is actually going to take another couple of weeks to really refine and organise.

So anyway…here’s the data to start with so you know the facts

I am going to break this down with some facts/data as we go so you can see what I am talking about as I go.

Firstly….here are my morning weights, training, calories, macro’s and deficit for each day this week:

Monday – 114.5kg – No Training – 1,676 cals, 93g Fat, 22g Carbs, 161g Protein = 2000 cal deficit.

Tuesday – 112.6kg – 2x1hr BJJ + 2x40min/4km walk – 2,194 cals, 125g Fat, 40g Carbs, 233g Protein = 3250 cal deficit.

Wednesday – 109.7kg – 2x1hr BJJ + 2x40min/4km walk – 2,141 cals, 143g Fat, 80g Carbs, 164g Protein = 3250 cal deficit.

Thursday – 108.8kg – 1hr BJJ + 40 min/4km walk – 1,750 cals, 78g Fat, 88g Carbs, 216g Protein = 2750 cal deficit.

Friday – 108.5kg – 2hrs BJJ – 2,920 cals, 193g Fat, 90g Carbs, 224g Protein = 2000 cal deficit.

Saturday – 109.0kg – No Training – 2,908 cals, 133g Fat, 109g Carbs, 177g Protein = 500 cal deficit.

Sunday – 110.0kg – No Training – 2,570 cals, Fat 161g, 120g Carbs, 182g Protein = 1000 cal deficit.

So that is a 14,750 calorie deficit for the week.

So not a great week training wise…but not terrible either. Not a perfect week diet and nutrition wise…but not bad either. I am sure my numbers aren’t perfect but curiously I think they sort of all add up.

I am down 4.5kg over the week BUT that’s certainly not all fat but when you consider that 1kg of fat has 7,700 calories and by the numbers my 14,750 deficit would account for say 2kg of fat burnt which I don’t think is too much of a stretch. The rest of the ‘weight’ lost would be in large part glycogen and associated water in that I don’t think I would be as fully ‘carbed up’ as I was when I weighed in last Monday morning.

Diet and Nutrition
My diet has been pretty simple and really easily managed…Meat + Eggs + Cheese + Salads + Non Starchy Vegetables. I’ve not been hungry…I’ve not been starving myself…and in fact I’ve had to grind my way through a few meals just to get them down and to ensure I get enough protein in. This coming week I will be able to structure my deficit better and manage my nutrient timing more efficiently to ensure that my training isn’t effected….as I had a few flat spots this week. This weekend I’ve had a couple of cheat meals/refeeds this weekend along with 7 beers and am full and happy and looking forward to the week ahead.

So….where to from here I hear all three of you ask?
Easy…although I am glad you asked….a more structured training routine….a modest and consistent daily calorie deficit which I will have in the same range next week but more evenly shared through the week. This coming week will give me a better idea of where I will be aiming to be at the end of the month. I am looking to drop 2kg a week….with a view to being 102kg in 4 weeks time….the long term goal is to be a fit and health 98-100kg on an ongoing basis.