Getting fit to fight

Some really brief background…I’ve been all over the country for the past while….and have had no permanent base. My work has meant that I’ve had to train where I could when I could and however I could. So that’s it for my excuses.

I am now based in Melbourne and my work is more manageable/predictable and I’ve a great gym to train out of and a selection of fantastic coaches to guide me with what I wish to do sports wise but first things first. I’ve sorted out a dietary plan for myself and have a structured training timetable. What I am going to do is to just record my diet and training for this week and then I will post the details next week. I am using fitday to record my dietary intake so I will be able to give you a full breakdown with the macros and I’ve weighed in and had all my measurements taken so I can assess how I am progressing….what more could you possibly want?

So the Plan

It is essentially one big plan…clean up my diet, get back into a structured training program with a view to getting my weight back down to 98-99kg then once there increase my health, fitness, strength, conditioning and performance as much as is possible.

I want to get back competing in BJJ regularly and at the highest level and to do as good a job at it as I possibly can. Once I am fit and healthy I would also like to be able to look at taking a fight just for the fun.

So this time next week…I will give you a full breakdown of the training week and then discuss the tweaks and modifications for the following week.



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