Lyle McDonald – Everything I know about nutrition…

…I stole from Lyle. I’ve said that before and people think I am joking…it’s true. I can name dozens of coaches that have had a massive influence on my coaching and my training…I can only name one person in the field of nutrition that has influenced me and that’s Ronald McDonald….I mean Lyle McDonald.

Well he’s just made all his books available as ebooks. I own all his books and have at various times bought his books for others and this morning I bought The Protein Book and The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook because I am going to use The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook as my template for the next 12 weeks to cut 12 kilograms of fat and get my bodyfat down to 12%…I’ll ‘blog’ the details. The Protein Book I bought just because I think it is the best book I’ve ever read and owned with regards general nutrition…it is far more than just a book about protein and if you are serious athlete you should own it.

So…you can do yourself a favour and click this link or any of the million other places I’ve hyperlinked it and go and buy what you need. If you have any questions about them or which book would be best for you just ask away and I will be happy to answer them.


4 thoughts on “Lyle McDonald – Everything I know about nutrition…

  1. Diets are much more psychological than physiological. The Rapid Fat Loss approach suits me because 1. it enables me to get up some momentum very quickly with regard fat loss. 2. I would rather go hard for a short period of time and get where I need to be than to take the longer route of making minor alterations over a much longer time frame. The book basically details the background to and methodology for conducting a protein sparing modified fast…PSMF you will see it referred to. The idea being to ensure you have what you need to ensure that you don’t lose any muscle mass, that you can still poop and that you can still function BUT do so with the minimum amount of calories possible….a bunch of rules and regulations to maximise your fat loss etc and you will get sent a calculator to punch all your digits into to guide you through it. It’s a very good product.

  2. Will from your previous experience of the diet , what level of training do you expect to be able to do ? Or how is your training going to differ while dieting

    • I am going to detail it in full. The training and the nutrition. I imagine it is going to take me 2-3 weeks to get it all dialled in. I’ve not been dieting at all this week and I am pretty certain I’ve lost a good couple of kilograms.

      I want to drop 2kg this week…depending on what I weight in at on Monday. Then drop 1-2kg a week after that. I was actually 113.7kg Saturday. I will be in the gym this afternoon and will weigh in again then.

      I will put my plan together this weekend and modify it as I go from there. In short what I want to do is to drop to 98-99kg and stay there while getting leaner and adding as much mass as is optimal with regard my work and fighting. From 98-99kg in can make 97.5kg for no-gi. As well as be under 100.5kg for gi in BJJ and when I fight MMA I can easily make 93kg to fight at light heavyweight.

      I am going to be based in Melbourne now for the foreseeable future and my work is going to be as predictable as it can or could be for at least the next few months. So I can organise my diet and I’ve a fantastic gym and amazing technical coaches in every area of my game.

      So if I fail to deliver it will be down to me. As a bonus you will be able to ridicule me no matter what as I will detail it all for you as I go.

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