Someone with a way better site than mine

I know that I’ve not update my blog for a while….but I am going to make a post today/tomorrow…you can take that as a promise…for whatever that’s worth.

In the meantime I thought you could check this out

I thought you could read that post first…then go and cruise around their website because 1. it is way slicker than mine 2. seems to have way more information 3. seems much better organised and structured 4. it seem way easier to find stuff.

I put this up here because I stumbled across the link when I was having a look at this blogs stats….and found that lots of people found my blog via the links in the post above which was made years and years ago.

I might actually blog one day about how people find my site via searches as I think it is quite funny/interesting…like the way that the following people found me 🙂

charles poliquin bullshit 94
charle poliquin bullshit 23
poliquin bullshit 22
poliquin full of shit 10
charles poliquin is full of shit 6
charles poliquin liar 4



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