Just FYI…I am not bothering to post of update my blog…

…until I find out whether the world is ending on the 21st.


So…that went well.

Both the lads made weight….both were 90+ kgs when they stepped forth into the cage on Sauturday night and both won and won clearly and decisively. There will be professional video of both fights available within the week so I will post it up as soon as I have it.

So as usual…I lied

The competing demands of work and assisting a couple of fighters who are fighting this Saturday has meant I’ve not had a chance to crap on endlessly here but as things settle down I should be able to.

Since being back in Australia I’ve had the opportunity to train in a wide variety of fight centres all up and down the east coast from Brisbane in the north to Hobart in the south. I’ve got a huge amount out of my training this year improving my own skills…mainly by being a good training partner and learning how not to take too much of a beating while giving my training partners who are fighting a chance to hone their skills. This process has also made me much better because being a good training partner is about being able to ‘push’ fighters who are preparing without inflicting any damage upon them that would hinder their preparation…not cutting them, being safe with takedowns and that kind of thing.

The thing that I’ve really enjoyed and gained most from though is from assisting guys in making weight. For anyone who doesn’t understand weight class events or fighting I will give you an example…the two guys I am helping cut weight for this weekend are both middleweights…that is they have to weigh in 24hrs before the fight at 185lbs or 84kg. Both of the fighters I am helping walk around at between 91-92kg and in fact as of Thursday….they still weighed that much….well it is Friday morning now and one weighed 85.4kg and the other 85.2kg….as of 3pm today I will have them both at 84.5kg exactly for their trip up to Launceston from Hobart to weigh in at 6pm when they will make weight and start the process of reconstitution. They will both go to bed tonight weighing 90kg and tomorrow they will step back into the cage at 90+kgs.

Being able to ‘cut weight’ safely and easily is a skill and if you have it…it confers upon a fighter a significant advantage with regards size, power and endurance against opponents who either cuts no weight at all or who does it poorly.

It’s a process that I’ve been lucky enough to have been involved in with so many different fighters at so many different weight classes now that I’ve been able to really polish and refine the science of it…so far every fighter I’ve worked with has made weight and every one has won…I am hoping that streak will continue this weekend.

So apologies for the lack of updates but work and more work got in the way.

Someone with a way better site than mine

I know that I’ve not update my blog for a while….but I am going to make a post today/tomorrow…you can take that as a promise…for whatever that’s worth.

In the meantime I thought you could check this out http://www.myosynthesis.com/shoulder-health-rehab-program.

I thought you could read that post first…then go and cruise around their website because 1. it is way slicker than mine 2. seems to have way more information 3. seems much better organised and structured 4. it seem way easier to find stuff.

I put this up here because I stumbled across the link when I was having a look at this blogs stats….and found that lots of people found my blog via the links in the post above which was made years and years ago.

I might actually blog one day about how people find my site via searches as I think it is quite funny/interesting…like the way that the following people found me 🙂

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