Training for everything and anything

Going to go into this topic in some detail as it has become my main area of interest of late. Training as if preparing for the ‘zombie armageddon’ so to speak…and if you saw what I see daily then you’d realise that we’re not too far from that reality.

So what does being in shape for the apocalypse entail (yes, I know that I was just talking about the zombie armageddon and now I am talking about the apocalypse….but like I said…I am training now to be prepared for everything)?

Well first of all you have to be able to get around…so for me my training month involves…some running (sprints, distance and hills), some riding (my road bike and my mountain bike), some swimming (mainly just distance work), some paddling (rowing or kayaking…depending on my location).

Then there is the gym work….for me again I’ve a generalist approach to this now but I tend to focus on one thing a day…to focus on a ‘quality’ each day and I am going to discuss that in and amongst the generalist approach. Because for me now the main reason for hitting the gym…the main thing I am looking to get out of it is just keeping my body ‘fit to train’. So the gym is where I am doing my ‘prehab’, occasional rehab and most of my mobility and stability work.

The last component is my martial arts training…to this end I currently study/train Muay Thai (zombie’s like everyone else are susceptible to leg kicks), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (having had a lot more ‘combat’ experience this past year I’ve come to realise that when fighting zombies you are very likely to end up on the ground should the fist last longer than 20 seconds…so best be prepared), Wrestling (greco and freestyle…just because I’ve never had much experience with it and because it’s there) and finally Mixed Martial Arts because I think the real ‘art’ of fighting is being able to blend styles and find appropriate solutions for the difficulties presented to you….and this is what good MMA is all about i.e being able to fight the fight on your own terms.

I’ve found over this past year that all these elements of training come together very well if the loading and frequency of training is correct and your rest and nutrition is adequate. As I’ve always said…coaching is a mixture of science and art…in that you need to have the scientific understanding of training to know what and how to do it BUT to do it well you need to have the artistic flair to be able to combine them.

So anyway…that’s the intro…I am going to break down each of the areas in more detail as well as trying to explain how to fit them all in….in the grand scheme of things.


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