So it took a while

This blog actually got sidelined but I’ve decided to revive it….not that anything actually dies on the interweb.

I am going to work my way back through this blog and tidy it up. What I mean by that is to spend a bit of time going back and writing what needs to be rewritten or updated and maybe remaking some of the videos. This blog was pretty much always written on the fly and the videos were the same…people asked questions and I made videos.

For those of you that don’t know…or are in the least bit interested I am back in Australia now…to be specific I am central western New South Wales…and it is bloody beautiful….more about that in later posts.

I am back training hard…in a new gym…I am back personal training…with new clients…and I am back training MMA…and loving it.

So in short I am going to get back to blogging if for no other reason than I used to love it and getting back ranting and raving I am sure will help control my blood pressure.

So you can looking forward to me rewriting history as well and documenting the present and predicting the future.


10 thoughts on “So it took a while

  1. Hi Will,

    good to see your presence online again, missed your posts on boards! Was actually reading a couple of old posts you wrote on testing very interesting stuff.
    Hope all is well down under and looking forward to reading more posts!

    • It is just you and I here mate….so if you have any questions fire away. I have a few posts in the works…one on general shoulder care and another on conditioning work for outside of the gym.

      You can let me know what you are or were reading and I will go back and ‘tidy’ it up for you…i.e put some time into it and make sure it is intelligible.

  2. Here’s the post:

    It was linked to from another post about Having too many goals, on . I don’t have any goals at the minute you see, apart from ‘get stronger’, so I figured it was a good place to start. Some of your comments on testing were very good, in previous years when I was playing Hurling/Football we’d have done a spider test at the start, another after 6 weeks and nothing after that….I have to say the standard of most GAA ‘coaches’ in this country is shocking, but that’s a discussion for another day.

    I’d be interested in reading the post on conditioning work outside the gym, was thinking about this recently, training in a small gym at the minute and there’s very little room for anything that involves anything other than standing up/sitting down and moving weights. Would you include hill sprints for instance? Long runs? Short runs?

    If i ever decide what i’m actually training for i’ll be sure to stop in and ask more questions!


  3. Good stuff Slim, can’t let the idiots have the internet to themselves.

    I had a look back at some of the old posts around using the rower, but surprisingly it’s a bit disorganised.

    Could you write something around intervals for 1. flab loss 2. conditioning.
    I’ve only got access to an old C2 so I’ve been doing 30/30 and keeping track of total metres.
    I don’t know whats’s optimal in terms of setting and tempo though.

    Also, I have a 400m track, what’s the best way to make use of it? Apart from picnics obviously.

    Enjoying being back in Oz?

    Cheers dude.

    • Darragh,
      I am busy beavering away and I will definitely be looking to reorganise the blog…or should I say…I will be looking to ACTUALLY organise the blog.

      The C2/Rowing question is a good one and I will try to put something in writing with regards to that tomorrow.

      I will also make a post this week regarding conditioning work outside the gym.

      All is well here in Aus…hitting the gym…new folks to train here and am back on the mats training MMA which I am enjoying more than ever.

      That and the fact that I wake every morning the blue skies and sunshine is all making for a great arrival back here in Australia.

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