It’s never ending

I have a few things to update today so I thought I would put them all in a single post.

Firstly and most importantly…I tested today…as you all know…it’s all about me.

Strength Testing
Back in the olden days I posted this.

On the 15th of May I tested and these were my results:
Bench – 140kg
Pull Ups – 9 reps
Push Ups – 39 reps
Inverted Rows – 21 reps
Trap Bar Deadlift – 180kg

I wasn’t to disappointed with this…as I was really just getting back into training. I went on to detail my training program and my diet…my diet has been pretty stable asides from a couple of major blow out. I also predicted/stated that my goals for the 1st of July were the following:

Bench – 150kg
Pull Ups -12 reps
Push Ups – 50 reps
Inverted Rows – 30 reps
Trap Bar Deadlift – 200kg

Well as usual…I’m full of shit…I didn’t test yesterday because work got in the way…but I did test today and my results were as follows:

Bench – 160kg
Pull Ups -15 reps
Push Ups – 50 reps
Inverted Rows – 30 reps
Trap Bar Deadlift – 220kg

Pleased with this…did it reasonably easily on the bench and the trap bar…the pull ups were a surprise and the push ups and inverted rows I just punched out my targets. Onwards and upwards from here…pleased with how things are progressing.

I forgot…I also did 18 reps at 100kg on the bench and did 3 pull ups in the X-vest weighing in at 150.5kg’s (me+36.6kg).

In other news
Garrett was really annoyed about me sticking up those snatch videos the other day…I think everyone knew what was going to happen after I found that out.

That 9th Attempt was a PB so it’s not all bad.

Some Actual Coaching
This is from Manuel Buitrago who works at Supreme Sports Performance.

He technically has a ‘D’ path on the bar in these vids (whereas his last vids had an ‘A’ path and) so hes jumping back as a result. I dont particularly care for it but in both vids, he ends up in the same position above the knee, meaning hes still cutting things early and not reaching full extension.

Whatever bar path he chooses will depend on what feels more comfortable for him, but whats messing him up is cutting his pull. He also needs to step out more on his front leg more when jerking.

If I had to choose, Id take the top series because he loads the hamstrings, stays flat footed longer, and doesnt launch the bar out as much. He still needs to arch his back more, stop using his arms, and be more patient.

If hes going to deadlift first to trace the bar path, thats cool but he needs to know that the bar should start to brush an inch or two below wherever it lies at his thighs at standing.


5 thoughts on “It’s never ending

  1. Manuel
    Thanks again for your comments.
    What I got.
    1. Weight on heels
    2. Pull longer
    3. Extend more
    4. Stop bending arms
    5 Arch Back more

    1. I can manage to improve.
    5. I stretch, Foam roll etc as much as possible but will try and do more.

    2&3 I need cues for Shirtlifting etc so I will try that .

    4. I dont know

    The reason I was trying a deadlift followed by a lift was to try and stop my legs straightening so fast or leading with the hips , my thinking being if I could improve the first pull slightly the rest of the lift might improve also.


    • For 4: You have to relax your arms. Keep your arch and let the bar pull your body downward as you lift with your legs. You should feel the stress along the rhomboids and midback if you do this properly. This will help address the leading of hips that youve done before.

      You want to make sure that you explode about 2-3 inches from your deadlift lockout, so drag the bar until you reach that position.

      In short, arch your back, push with your legs, relax everything else. You can try deadlifting with straps to focus on relaxing if you need to during your warmup.

  2. Garrett, about no4. Try doing pulls with straight arms when warming up and working up to actual work sets. Just pull (long) and shrug.

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