One mans struggle against the force of gravity

I thought I would throw these up…as usual I don’t pick all the ‘best’ videos of the day…I don’t just post up all the ‘highlights’. I try to post ‘real’ videos…so there are misses…there’s less than perfect form…because that’s reality and because I think blogs and websites that are just full of highlights are disingenuous. So today I thought I would put up this series of Garrett’s. I do this for a number of reasons:
1. Because Garrett hurt himself…and I always find that funny.
2. Because he hurt himself and sacked up and got the lift on his next attempt.
3. Because after getting the lift he allowed Jonny and I to goad him into taking another attempt…which he got.

Some Actual Coaching
This is from Manuel Buitrago who works at Supreme Sports Performance.

The reason this kid is missing most of these lifts is because hes whipping the bar out due to his weight being too much on the toes on most attempts (as you can see via the bar path in the pics below).

Ironically on his 2nd attempt, he had a better weight distribution but he still cuts his pull above the knee (and never reaches a full extension). You can compare the difference between he and I, but even if he stayed over the bar longer, he would still have lost most of those lifts because his weight was too far fwd.

You can see the difference between his 3rd and 4th pic (where he failed) vs his 5th and 6th pic (where he made it). Again, hes still cutting the pull but his weight is further back despite the same start position.

So make sure you sit back a little more, and wait over the bar longer (btw I know I suck at photoshop):

The Kid


7 thoughts on “One mans struggle against the force of gravity

  1. He would not have missed any of those lifts if he had been using a Zhangkong competition bumper plate and bar set.

    I blame the BOM.

      • Fair enough.

        One cue that I have my lifters try is to lift their shirts in during the lift. You can see that if you keep the bar close, this will happen with a standard shirt. It helps them keep the bar closer without thinking about technical details. Maybe it will help your lifter.

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