Informed Performance Submission Tournament – Saturday, August 15th

Entry by pre-registration only. No entries will be accepted on the day. Forms will be made available and sent to clubs in the next couple of days. If by chance you don’t get a form, I’ll upload one online.

The tournament format is as follows:

Entry fee – €20

10am- Sign in.
11am- Rules meeting and brackets made.
12pm- Competition starts.

The competition will run on a straight elimination format with two progressing to a final. There will be a gold, silver and two bronzes for each category.

Matches will be decided by submission, or failing that, points. The referee will award points based on the following:
More info on what constitutes a penalty/sweep etc. is available on

I should point out that the rules and categories used on that site are really extensive. Obviously this is a wee little tournament on the emerald isle so we won’t be using all of those.

Novice (-12months), Intermediate (-3 years), Advanced (3 years +).

Weight categories as per IBJJF:
Over 100.50KG

We have a large matted area which should be suitable for two rings, but I’ll trial it tonight and see if it is. If not I’ll arrange to get some more mats and we’ll put a ring downstairs.

More info plus entry forms coming soon. I just wanted to update as a lot of people have been enquiring.


9 thoughts on “Informed Performance Submission Tournament – Saturday, August 15th

  1. Hi Will,
    Richie hera again. Could you reply to the question on the submissions allowed when you get a chance, thanks. Also, how do I go about getting some application forms?

    Cheers Will,

  2. I think Will is drawing the line at cock rings and ball gags. Any other submissive stuff is between you and your dom.

    Hmm…I’m not sure I”m helping.


  3. hi okay? I am the teacher cesar morcegao, representing the team morcegao draculino sapo team in Ireland, I would like to know more about the Championship of submission. I am very interested in enrolling my students. and force can be invio me the registration sheet for my email, I will be grateful ok.

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