Good God I can ramble on

I was actually pondering whether to post this or not…because the place doesn’t look like much at the moment. As you know though I like ‘putting it out there’ and we have a vision of what this place will be and I really want to be able to post a video in a couple of months time and for people to be able to see what it was and to see what we’ve made it.

I am also curious as to what the difference will be regarding what people imagine it will look like and what it will ‘actually’ look like.

Don’t worry about all Barry’s stuff laying around…a lot of that is destined for a skip. The gear that is coming is all brand spanking new. We will be spending the weekend getting the place as shiny as a pin….if anyone wants to lend a hand be sure to drop me an email…B.Y.O cleaning products and materials.


13 thoughts on “Good God I can ramble on

  1. Nice one, looks good- my lease was agreed today subject to planning which looks like a September opening. Your place looks awesome though maybe an international challenge event coming up?!

  2. Good stuff, Will. Just a couple trivial things, please pad the columns in the middle.

    And don’t go too fancy on the lounge, lots of dirty, sweaty people with thick, spill-able shakes in their hands will be in there. That lounge is great idea too, btw, a place to watch some football for all the training ‘bros’, perhaps even on their days off.

    • Vinny V said
      Good stuff, Will. Just a couple trivial things, please pad the columns in the middle.
      Taken care of…like I said…one of the reasons that I put this up is because I want people to see the before and after.

      And don’t go too fancy on the lounge, lots of dirty, sweaty people with thick, spill-able shakes in their hands will be in there. That lounge is great idea too, btw, a place to watch some football for all the training ‘bros’, perhaps even on their days off.
      I think so too. I like the idea of having a place to kick back and waste time.

  3. Hey Will, I posted this on the Informed Performance Facebook Group’s Discussion tab, but didn’t get a response so I thought I might have better luck here:

    I’m interested to know what your plans are for all those Zhangkong olympic weightlifting sets and the platforms – and I know that some Irish weightlifters are very interested as well… Have you thought about seeking out olympic weighlifting coaches and practitioners in order to create a club while at the same time pulling in some business from that group of athletes?

    • Cormac,

      Thanks for the inquiry. First, we will directly answer your questions, and then we will explain what Informed Performance is and delve into how we may evolve.

      So, let’s get to your questions:

      (1) Our plan with the Zhangkong olympic sets is to use them. It may sound like a lot of equipment, and it is, but also it is a mix of both men’s and women’s sets. Each platform will be paired with a power rack, and the weights will be shared between the pair. That provides a Texas power bar, a Zhangkong olympic bar, and (an average) of 400kgs of plates per power rack / platform pair. So, sure, we’ll have spare bars.

      (2) We have not thought about seeking out olympic weight lifting coaches. However, thank you very much, we just added that to the growing list of ideas we have been batting around. For starters, if you are an olympic weight lifter and coach and you want to train at Informed Performance Gym, we are extending the same offer to you that everyone else has received: 79 EUR per month. We have confidence that the quality of the facility, equipment, and staff will attract the kind of people we want to work with. Conversely, without sounding like a hippy, we want to grow organically. In other words, we are not partial to olympic lifting, power lifting, kettlebells, or any other discipline. We view them all as tools and also as opportunities. We will cultivate the right opportunities so long as they ride congruently with the ideology of Informed Performance.


      So what is the ideology of Informed Performance? We will start by referring back to your inquiry and you raising the notion of “creating a club.” That is EXACTLY what we are doing. The atmosphere at Informed Performance Gym will be one of camaraderie and unity. While our ideology is still developing, Informed Performance intends to do something extremely well or not do it all. Athletes, weekend warriors, anyone with the drive will want to become a part. Informed Performance Gym will become THE premier sport training facility in Dublin.

      More specifically, Informed Performance is rooted in sports and athletic training and Mixed Martial Arts. Our first team is already in action and had a truly “grand opening,” as Informed Performance MMA went 3 for 3. Have a look for yourself.
      Details here:
      Video here:
      Informed Performance is already redefining the term “fight like a girl!” And yes, IP MMA is the former KO MMA team still led by Barry Oglesby.

      So what lies ahead? Honestly, we are not completely sure. We know it is going to be a tremendous amount of work, yet we love doing this, so does that even count? We have a strong sense that the blood, sweat, and rewards are to be sweeter than we can currently even imagine. We are focused on doing what we do and doing it well. Still we are open to opportunities such as creating an olympic weight lifting team, a powerlifting team, a strongman team, or … throw us an idea! We will work with serious people to provide the tools needed for success. Again, while we do not consider ourselves experts in those specific disciplines, we are more than adequately equipped to teach the fundamentals as is required for our sports and athletics programs. And, ultimately, we do not have ego issues and seek expertise as needed.

      Finally, to tone down the “hard-core” edge this may have come off with, we will provide a solid and supportive environment for ANYONE with the drive. Maybe you simply aim to improve health or feel better or move better or lose fat or look better. In fact, some of the most “hard-core” trainees out there are moms, lawyers, ex-husbands, mechanics, and sometimes even our athletes! We urge you to come down, taste the sweat, and become part of Informed Performance!

      Best regards,
      The Informed Performance Staff

  4. Cormac,
    There’s a large response for you on the Facebook page. Personally, I plan to play a unique cross between discus throwing and bowling which I call discling with the Zhangkong stuff. But the guys may have other ideas.

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