I’ve so many fans on the Fitness forum at www.boards.ie

The Fitness forum at boards can be found here. I get at least one email a day that has some reference to this forum…some days it is far more than just the one. I thought I would answer some of the questions I usually get in the hope that I won’t get any more of those types of emails in the future.

Firstly, the Fitness forum there is pretty much like forums everywhere…in that is dominated by a far from silent minority. Now that isn’t a problem in itself. In the past I browsed a large number of fitness forums and commented on next to none of them but at certain times…I commented A LOT. So I have been a contributor and a lurker at different times. What you have to keep in mind though when reading forums is that sometimes the contributors to these forums…lose some perspective…for instance you can have a thread with maybe 10 people contributing….with maybe 30 actual posts and yet it could have 2000+ views. I’ve seen threads where one person is expressing an opinion….4 people are saying that the one person expressing their opinion is wrong and all the naysayers are agreeing and concurring with each other and thinking that they are totally ‘schooling’ this particular poster and yet every OTHER person with a brain in their head that is reading the post realising the one person is right and the other 4 are morons….and yet they’d say absolutely nothing. Of course the opposite can also be the case. All I am getting at is that the people making the most ‘noise’ in a forum aren’t always the ‘winners’ and that might isn’t always right.

Secondly, maybe my opinion is skewed or maybe I just haven’t seen enough of it to have seen the better side of it…but it also seems to be one of the most negative sites I’ve ever seen…more criticism than encouragement….more dissent than commonality. I think that is pretty strange…but something that I’ve gotten used to here in Ireland. I’m ‘into’ sport…as you can see from the blog…I work with a lot of different sports and I enjoy them all. I am ‘into’ fitness and am always happy to see people doing something….doing anything….rather than nothing. It doesn’t seem to be the case there. I actually had a meeting with someone today who is a ‘regular’ on this particular board and who knows a number of other ‘regular’ posters there. He was telling me about the fact that many of them had expressed the opinion to him that they really hope Informed Performance fails…this is seriously what they are hoping for…what sort of people are they is all I could think at the time. I thought this was astounding but when I had time to think about it later I realised that I shouldn’t be too surprised. These opinions pretty much sums up the attitude of many of the members of the not so silent minority on that forum. I have actually started checking out again of late and it seems actually a little sad but each to their own I suppose.

Thirdly, I get asked via email often where the animosity there towards me comes from. I’m sure I am wrong but from memory it goes something like this. I was encouraged by several people to post there…eventually I did…I expressed my opinion…the silent minority there weren’t happy about me diving in and pissing in their little pool where they were the big fishes and so they banned me…apparently…I’m no longer banned…well that is the story that the mods there are sticking to…I assure you though….I’m still banned….I know this because I can’t log in…that is a dead give away.

Go and have a look at the site for yourself…amongst all the garbage there is actually some reasonably good stuff there. You can go and search for the threads that I posted in…I don’t think I said anything disrespectful or incorrect…mainly because I don’t think telling someone they are an idiot is disrespectful if it happens to be the truth.

Any way…that’s the whole story…so please…no more emails about boards.ie…they have their own little thing going on over there and they seem quite happy about it and I am more than happy to let them be. I just hope that I can be perhaps disappoint many of them by making a positive contribution to Informed Performance’s success.

I just found these at the bottom of this post
It must have an automatic pissing and moaning filter that registers all the posts that I come off as too hormonal.

Here are the ‘back story’ links:

Read some of the comments…priceless.


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