Informed Performance – Gym Update

I’m going to make this pretty dry and straight to the point because there seems to be a lot of confusion out there…and I have a feeling that it all boils down to me one way or another. I’m either not explaining things simply enough or people just plain and simply don’t understand what the hell I am talking about. So I want to try to clear a few things up all in one post….I also reserve the right as always to come back and clarify if anything here does not make sense.

Gym Opening … In Phases

The gym will open in phases and hopefully I will be able to clarify why that is as this post goes on. To cut a long story short…Phase 1 of the gym will be open on the 15th of June. So what is Phase 1….well Phase 1 will entail the beginning of the MMA and fight oriented part of the business commencing. The boxing ring will be in, the cage wall will be in, all the matting will be down, all the bags will be up….all that sort of thing. Most importantly…classes will commence then. The timetable for which I will post here well before the 15th of June.

So there you go…as of the 15th of June the doors will be open. Phase 2 will be marked by the opening of Sport training in the Informed Performance Gym.  The majority of this equipment is from the US and comprises the essentials…it’s 80% of what you’ll use every day…the primary stuff…racks, benches, bars, plates…and other strength accessories. Likely the track and field turf surfaces will be installed by this time. A substantial amount of the equipment has been custom made for us and has therefore taken more time (up to 8 weeks!) to actually build. All this equipment should be in the gym by the end of June to mid-July for an aniticipated Phase 2 take-off on August 1st. Just wait until you see it…it will take your breath away…in more ways than one…you’ll see.

Phase 3 will commence immediately after that and run for several months…it will involve the acquisition of various other goodies but nonessentials…things like dumbbells, the functional trainer, kettlebells, and other toys.  Fun, useful, but not ultimately critical.

Training is going to be ongoing as all of the pieces arrive and are fitted. So that when all is said and done it will similar to this…this is subject to change, so don’t allow your panties to wad up just yet:

The gym layout

The gym layout

The bit that might be a bit confusing is the fact that the area at the top of the image doesn’t show the mezzanine very clearly…obviously as soon as all the equipment starts going in we’ll start posting pictures and video of the facility so everyone should have a much better idea by then.

Check out the Informed Performance facebook page and post any questions regarding the IPG on the discussion tab.


9 thoughts on “Informed Performance – Gym Update

    • Thefightgeek said
      You’re really going the whole hog with this, aren’t you
      I know this is going to sound stupid….but this place is EXACTLY what I want it to be. I’ve worked in lots of countries, in lots of sports and for lots of different sporting organisations as well for myself and I’ve done so in lots of different facilities. I could tell you what the problems were in every single one of them. I couldn’t be happier about the way things are panning out and it has actually been made better with Barry and Dan’s involvement both in contributing great ideas and pushing me harder to explain my own.

      I suspect you’ll upset the other gyms in town a bit…
      I think we are going to appeal to a very particular ‘audience’. The IP will be more like a club than a gym. The people that train with me train a lot…I mean I would say that the average would be 4 times a week…I’ve got people that would do 2 or 3 double sessions in a week. These people are not ‘average’ gym goers. Also people won’t be able to do whatever they want…no one is going to be able to come in and just train away…everyone will have to test and everyone will have to be doing an IP ‘approved’ program. We are going to take responsibility for the progress or lack there of of every single person that comes into IP. That is definitely not going to appeal the majority of gym goers. At a guess…I think we’ll pick up a small number of members from lots of different gyms from all over town. I mean in the current gym we’ve a huge number of people who travel from outside County Dublin to train…that doesn’t happen in a lot of normal gyms. In short…I don’t think many gyms are going to really care or notice us because the people that will be leaving them to train with us are the members that they don’t want anyway….the people who train hard and train everyday…regular gyms want people who pay there memberships and never turn up….we’ve got very different target markets.

      well, more than usual
      You must have been reading my mind…had more people rubbishing me today…the funniest bit is that every time it turns out they were wrong and I was right….I never here back from them again…they just move on to the next steaming pile of shit they decide to shovel. That’s life though.

  1. What most people don’t realize is that the graphic Will put up in today’s post is actual size. The gym only exists in his mind and he’ll be training he collection of lego men and Star Wars action figures. But they’ll be jakt for sure.


  2. Will,

    I heard a rumour about the place looking like Lego-Land. Wth is that all about? Or maybe you don’t want to tell us? You are going to tell us to come in and see for ourselves, aren’t you?


  3. I heard that you and Barry are lovers. What happens if you guys break up.

    Who gets to keep the gym?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Bill said
      I heard that you and Barry are lovers. What happens if you guys break up.

      Who gets to keep the gym?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
      We will just draw a line down the middle and have half each…I will take some turf, all the racks, platforms and racks…he can all the rest…unfortunately his side will have the toilets…so my side could get a little messy.

  4. The Informed Performance dispute resolution program grants the gym and all equipment to the BOM if such a sad day were to fall upon us. Knowing that neither Barry nor Will would get anything out of a split, it is expected that they would simply lie and cheat around rather than lose ownership in IPG.

  5. I’m surprised that people are being so negative about the future …

    I’m 100% convinced you and Barry will be able to maintain your man-love bliss over the long haul …

    Don’t be pressured into a pre-nup arrangement over the gym …

    LOVE can overcome any difficulties you guys will face!


  6. Good, data bad, specially from the major news corperations with the big slants to the left or right. Did you see last nights Late Late Show? haha, that was hilarious! Sorry, I’m rambling along again. Have a Wonderful 1!

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