I wanted to get a quick plug in for those of you who have youngsters

I’m not really to sure what to say here…for those of you in Ireland you will obviously know who Enda and Justin McNulty are…I am not going to say too much because you can check it all out on their website. Now the site is great and all and they do some great work but what I wanted to bring to the attention of those of you that have youngsters/future champions running around at home is their Performance Excellence Academy for Teenagers. Justin was in training with me the other day and dropped in some of the brochures and I just thought that it looked absolutely brilliant. I am actually going to try to get along to as much of it as I can because I just think it looks like exactly the thing that I wish I’d had a chance to go to when I was that age. I have trained both Enda and Justin in the past and they have worked with a huge number of my athletes over the past few years and I think this would be an excellent investment because everything that these guys whether it be training or work wise is always of the highest quality.

I won’t keep crapping on about it…because all the information is there on the website.


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