Bon Voyage Macker

…that would of worked better if Macker was heading off to France…he’s off to the Ospreys in Swansea, Wales and I thought saying ‘Da bo chi’ might go over peoples heads.


2 thoughts on “Bon Voyage Macker

  1. Will, just got back from Europe yesterday. Couldn’t make it to Dublin obviously, but I’ll definitely try to pretty soon.

    Went to the first day of the London Sevens last Saturday. Boy, what a shitshow! The crowd was ridiculous and the matches were pretty exciting for the most part. Being seven instead of fifteen did make the shit boring sometimes, that’s a big freaking field…but yeah, I’ll definitely be joining my local club now, at least for the metabolic exercise…and the beer.

    Also went to the Roland Garros and I’m hooked on tennis again as well. I should be having a pretty packed summer with both sports, classes, training and dieting.

  2. I know this isn’t related but I just thought I would let everyone know how Will nearly made me cry today…he usually mentally abuses me but today it turned physical….he kicked me in the arm and almost broke my bone..considering I have skinny little arms and have osteopenia it wouldn’t be to hard!!

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