Tim is really trying to tell me something…

…what he’s trying to tell me…that’s anyone’s guess.

Next time Tim you might want to just drop me an email. I would have been happy to post whatever you wanted to send me and to let you know what I thought of it…because as it is…I’ve not got a clue what you are talking about and what it’s in reference to. As anyone who knows me will tell you….actually….what people who don’t even know me personally could probably tell you is that I have a very low ‘annoyance threshold’ and the thought of trying to sort through 12 posts to try and decipher what you are on about has approximately less than zeros chance of happening.

So hopefully we can all just view this as a learning experience and move swiftly along.


2 thoughts on “Tim is really trying to tell me something…

  1. No worries Will, can’t seem to find your e-mail on the site, so in summary posts 9 and 10 in
    “The complexity of my training program is just incredible” are all there is, the others are just repeats. Posts in “This blog really stinks” were cut/paste of post #40 under the labcoating tab and post #8 under that blog. Feel free to delete/disregard the rest.

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