30 days and 8.7kgs lost…everything is right on track

As I said yesterday…I was asked about my training and diet…I covered the training part of it yesterday so I thought I would go over the diet part of it today. Before I do though I want to share a couple of things with you.

Friends…who needs them?
I was talking to a friend today…a real friend…and we were discussing Facebook…specifically we were discussing the fact that he had over 700 ‘friends’ while I only have 170 or so (most of whom I barely know)…and I said ‘I can’t believe I don’t have more friends’ and he gave me this look like I was crazy and said ‘Have you not met yourself’. That was basically the end of the converstation…I mean…he’s got a point.

Will Heffernan Action Figures…coming to a store near you soon!
The lads in the gym were discussing creating Will Heffernan action figures…like a G.I Joe…only fatter. I suggested they be called Will Heffernan lack of action figures. The figures would have a draw string that you could pull and various streams of abuse would come out of the doll. Their opinion was that these dolls could essentially make me redundant. I think it was Goose that suggested it just had a fat stomach that could be screwed on off depending on whether the lack of action figure was in ‘winning a bet mode’ or in ‘coaching only mode’. Someone else suggested it just have some sort of pump so you could squeeze the head a few times and blow the stomach out the the appropriate size. I think this idea could have legs….and if it ever works out I’ll just delete this post and pretend it was all my idea.

So onto my diet
My diet is almost as incredibly complex as my training program. It boils down to this….from Sunday lunch time to Friday lunchtime I’m pretty much dieting…although I wouldn’t really call it that. Friday evening till Sunday breakfast I basically eat and drink what I like…now I am not going over the top…just eating normally basically.

During the Week
I did a little calorie counting the first couple of weeks but now I am pretty much eating the same sort of things so am not bothering with the counting any more because I am most certainly getting leaner and definitely getting stronger and I am holding onto my lean muscle mass far better than I had thought. So what am I eating I here you ask…well before I get to that let me tell you what my thoughts were when I started this. I wanted firstly to make sure I was getting enough protein…so what my goal was and still is was to try to get 200 grams of protein a day…if I got a little more that was great…but I wanted to make sure I got 200 grams. So where did this protein come from:
Eggs…I’ve been eating about 8 large eggs a day…which gets me about 50 grams of protein.
Milk…drinking 1 to 2 litres a day…which is 30 to 60 grams of protein.
Tuna…eating 1 425 gram can daily…this is just over 80 grams when drained.
This is essentially the baseline stuff protein wise that I’m eating daily…that gets me to 160-190 grams already and this is before I eat dinner which is usually chicken or red meat and vegetables which gets me the rest of the way there and doesn’t even take into account the other protein I would consume during the day either.
In reality what I’ve been doing is having an omelette with some cheese and a little ham for breakfast. Then for lunch I’ve been having tuna and salad with some avacado, a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Then after I train I’ve been drinking a litre of milk then having dinner when I finish work at night.

That’s it.

Supplement wise I’ve been having the occasional protein shake but when I finish what I have now I won’t be getting any more… I’ve basically just come to realise that I just don’t really need it. The supplement I have been taking although I suppose I shouldn’t really call it a supplement is fish oil. I’ve been consuming about 8-10 caps daily. I just take a couple when I eat anything.

Now my diet definitely isn’t ‘low carb’ but I’ve just been avoiding carbs during the week. This means no pasta, rice, bread or potatoes. I’ve been training really well so what I have been doing is that if I have felt ‘flat’ then I’ve had a sandwich with plenty of protein in it as I did today after training.

On the Weekends
This has been a chance to ‘carb up’. I haven’t been going mad….although I plan to this weekend…Wicklow here we come…I’ve been eating normally…if I wanted pasta, pizza or some fries with my steak then I have just gone right on ahead and had them. This covers Friday night to Sunday breakfast and then come Sunday lunchtime it has been back to tuna and salad or some chicken and broccoli or something like that.

I’ve been training how I outlined yesterday and eating what I have written here. When I started back training seriously I was 118.7kg and today I was 110kg on the dot. I’ve been having my skinfolds done but I won’t have them done again till the 1st of July when I next test. The week before I started out my 8 site skinfold reading was 148mm…for those of you that don’t know….that’s huge….and not in a good way. When I was measured just over a week ago I was 123mm and I think by the the time of that test on the 1st of July I think I will be under or around 90mm.

So that’s me taken care of…this is the training and diet I will be sticking with until I test and then I will have to evaluate what the best way to proceed is.


11 thoughts on “30 days and 8.7kgs lost…everything is right on track

  1. I only have about 70 friends and most of them are pushing it.

    Also, should someone half your size eat half what you eat in terms of protein or is that a ludicrous question? I’m sleepy

    • What I was aiming for was to get roughly 2 grams per kilogram of lean muscle mass…not that I think that I am carry 100kg of lean muscle but that I wanted to make sure that I was ‘more than enough’ side of my protein intake rather than getting too little.

      Essentially what I am doing is the following:
      1. Trying to make sure I get just a little more than enough protein daily.
      2. That I get enough food to ensure that I am sated and can train as hard and as long as I want to.
      3. That I am avoiding as carbohydrates in general but not stressing over being ‘low carb’.
      4. Minimising my calorie intake in line with the 3 goals I have listed above. I am basically trying to just get what I actually ‘require’ nutritionally and then letting training take care of the fat loss and improvements in body composition.

      So the short answer is no…someone half my size needs half that amount of protein.

      • So the short answer is no…someone half my size needs half that amount of protein.

        Sorry I’m a bit slow on the uptake today & I don’t get you…is that a yes? Or someone half your size doesn’t need half that amount of protein..

      • Will clearly loves confusing people, so let me help:

        Someone half Will’s size doesn’t need half the amount of protein Will is eating but he/she will probably be wise to do it anyway.


      • It depend’s on your training and how much muscle mass you have as in you could be half the size off Will but he could have alot more muscle mass than you…

  2. There goes my attempt of keeping things simple… I forgot to say:

    “Well done on the diet so far and keep up the good work Will !”

    on my last post.


  3. Lisa said
    So the short answer is no…someone half my size needs half that amount of protein.

    Sorry I’m a bit slow on the uptake today & I don’t get you…is that a yes? Or someone half your size doesn’t need half that amount of protein..
    I think you should be getting 2 grams of protein per kilo of lean muscle mass with the training that you are doing.

  4. Will, with the 3-day split you’re running, some workouts will inevitable fall on the weekends when your diet is more “relaxed”. Do you find those workouts to be more or less productive than the ones during the week when you are more strict with the diet?

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