I’m going to crap on and I don’t care what anyone says…

…does that sound familiar? I’m sure I’ve probably used that post title about 20 times. I want to address a few things in this post…firstly, there is some hysterical stuff out there that has been filtering back to me regarding the gym.

Let me let you all in on a few things…
1. a) I am not broke. b) I am not filing for bankruptcy.
2. I am not being deported (which is actually the funniest one I heard…a mate actually rang me because the first time he heard it he laughed….the second time…he thought he better ring to check).
3. Barry and I have not had a falling out and dissolved the business.
4. All the rest of the bullshit you’ve heard is just that.

So let me tell you what is happening….
1. We have bought some incredible equipment…no one is more excited about the new gym than I am. The reason that the gym isn’t open already is not because of any problems….quite the opposite…our equipment is being built for us…some of it in the US and some of it in the UK.
2. We should have shipping dates soon…but I don’t think I am going to actually tell anyone about it. We have 15 people that have bought 5 year memberships, people that have already sorted out direct debits and clubs that have already said that as soon we open that they are moving in as clients…I’ll be pretty happy with that. I think what I personally would like to do is to get Barry into the gym and get MMA, Muay Thai and Boxing elements of the gym up and running. Then get all the equipment from the US into the place when it arrives. Get the turf and track in immediately after that and then get on with business. To start training athletes and clients and make sure that everything is running as it should…then actually announce/publicise/market the place to the general public after a month or two.
3. Every piece we’ve bought was exactly what we wanted…not just the best that we could get from what was on offer…every single piece is EXACTLY what we wanted…whether we had to get it here, the UK, Australia or the US…we and got the stuff we wanted…and believe me…you’ll be thankful for the fact when you see it all in place.
4. The amount of ‘business’ stuff that had to be done was WAAAAAAAAY more than I expected…but thankfully it is almost all done….well the bulk of it is done which means there is only a shit load left to do…but I can live with that…I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I am close enough now to realise that it is not an oncoming train.
5. There has been lots of cool interweb/blog stuff happening…so much so that I think both Informed Performance as in the gym and my blog could actually end up looking far more professional…which basically means…that it will actually look cool and be way easier to use and navigate.
6. One of the many reasons that the blog has been so quiet is because instead of crapping on endlessly I’ve been working on some ‘projects’ for the gym…including the training and various program manuals for the gym. Essentially I’ve been putting down in writing what I actually do in practice….which has been tedious but also quite enlightening…I’ve enjoyed arguing with myself if nothing else.

In other news
I still have to make that hip flexor video that I promised I would…not sure if I promised Sully or whether I mentioned it on the blog…either way…I’m going to try and get it done tomorrow.

I’m back training seriously….that’s not to say that I look serious when I train…I should of said that I’m back training properly. Things are going really well. I have organised my diet and am exceptionally happy with the results so far…I’ve dropped a lot of fat managed to hold onto a lot more weight than I expected. I’m going to outline what I am doing diet and training wise tomorrow as well. I thought I’d tell you so if anyone does have any questions they could fire away now and I can include the answer in my post. Now it is not rocket surgery and certainly it is not what I would recommend to everyone…it’s what I am doing and what is working for me.

Other things I want to talk about in no particular order:
1. The fact that not one of the exceptionally well trained Poliquin certified coaches here in Ireland has contacted me regarding taking one of my female athletes off my hands to train them for 12 weeks and have them do 12 pull ups at the end of that time? I would of thought they’d be happy to take my money while simultaneously proving that they are up to Charles standard.
2. The fact that people are morons for thinking that they can smash all their square pegs into every round, triangle and star shaped hole. Westside is not the only way to train, Starting Strength is not the best place for every beginner to start, Olympic lifting does not work miracles, 5X5 equals 25 not the be all and end all of strength training, that not a single strongman has ever gotten ‘strong’ doing strongman training and if you think you will you’re an idiot as well as so much more.
3. The transition from In Season to Off Season and onto your next Pre Season of training and how to manage this successfully.


7 thoughts on “I’m going to crap on and I don’t care what anyone says…

  1. Whatup dude. Im still a frequent reader here though I dont post as many comments any more 🙂 (I stopped when I realised that I putting my last name in my comments which wasnt so smart since my comments on your blog where the first thing that came up when people googled my name :)) Really liked your post around “personal best RM”!

    Btw, ive booked a new date for dublin in september, 11th-13th to be exakt. Dunno if your around then, but if you are id love to come visit you and barrys new facility!

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