Long time between drinks

Opportunities to make time to blog have been few and far between so I figure I better bring everyone up to speed.

Informed Performance – The New Gym
Due to orders from the Business and Operations Manager (from here on in referred to as simply The BOM) of Informed Performance I’ve not been able to talk about the new gym on pain of death…well not real death but I know if I was talking about it he’d bore me to death with his objections…so I’ve not been able to talk about all the great equipment we’ve bought…I mean…we are going to be able to sell tickets…because people are going to travel miles to see this stuff. Honestly…I’m amazed myself…I mean seriously…how many full on Olympic Lifting sets have you seen in real life. I don’t mean just bars and plates…I’m talking bar and plates that are used at THE Olympics…as in…on the stage at the Olympics…well when you come to Informed Performance you’ll see 8 sets…are you following me? 8 complete Olympic lifting sets…stands, platforms…the whole shebang. That is just to give you an idea…believe me…I don’t think anyone is going to believe what they see when they walk through the door. So anyway…I’ve already said too much…suffice to say that just because we’re not talking about it doesn’t mean that nothing is happening…quite the opposite…the fact that I’m not getting time to blog very much should tell you that lots is happening….and it most certainly is. There will be more news to follow in the next couple of weeks and things should move incredibly quickly after that.

Cookies Training Continues
Since I’ve had a few enquiries about his training I thought I might give you some more updates.
Monday is his heavy day….this week he did all the usual…warmed up, did some hip mobility work then squatted heavy after a couple of warm up sets he worked up through 5 heavy triples then did some supplementary hamstring work, some ab work…the some shoulder mobility work, warmed up on the bench and then worked up through 5 heavy triples followed by some supplementary back work then some more ab and lower back work the fired off his gunz.
Tuesday was a conditioning day…we warmed up in the gym then we did 5 conditioning blocks which went like this:
10 KB Squats then a sprint block…this involved linear sprinting, lateral sprinting, hard backward running, a certain amount of ‘hitting the deck’ and sprinting off followed by a walk back to the beginning where he then did 10 Push Ups and then the sprint block. Then 10 Inverted Rows and a sprint block. Then 10 KB Presses and a sprint block. At the end of his last sprint block he got 2 minutes recovery before beginning his next set. He did 5 of these sets in total and it had this effect….
Cookies Session
Wednesday was a rest day. Today we did a ‘bodybuilding’ session….Cookies, Sextoy and I did it together and it went like this:
Mixed Cardio Warm Up – 5 mins Rowing, 5 mins Jogging and 5 mins Cycling.
Shoulder Mobility Work
DB (slight) Incline Bench Press – 1×12 @ 20kg, 1×12 @ 25kg, 1×8 @30, 1×8 @35, 3×8 @40kg
Hi-Lo Cable Flies – 5×12 @ 35kg
Hanging Leg Raises – 5×10
Hip Mobility Work
Leg Press – 1×12 @ 100kg, 1×12 @ 140kg, 3×8 @ 180kg
1A Leg Curl – 3×15 @ 50kg
1B Leg Extensions – 3×15 @ 50kg
Ab Roll Outs – 5×10
Shoulder Mobility Work
Lat Pull Downs – 1×12 @ 60kg, 1×12 @70kg, 3×8 @ 80kg
Single Arm Cable Rows – 3×15 @ 35kg
45deg Back Extensions – 5×10
We pushed hard through the entire session…the rest periods were literally as long as it took the other 2 to finish their sets and we went at it from start to finish.

Who Loves Sports Technology?
I sure do…next week on Thursday the 14th of May at 11am my mate Dan Rutger is coming up from the boglands (basically anywhere in Ireland outside of Dublin) to demo some incredibly cool sports technology kit at the gym…St Mary’s College Rugby Club, Templeville Rd. Tempelogue.

Dan runs what is pretty much Irelands most experienced sports technology company Redback Biotek ( www.redbackbiotek.com ) and he’s going to be demonstrating a GPS athlete tracking system called Catapult GPS. This was developed by the Australian Institute of Sport and is now used all around the world by top teams and athletes.

It was originally developed for rowing but has now also gained wide aceptance in a multitude of sports. This is some of the stuff it does:
• GPS ; position and speed of movment of all players on a pitch – or anywhere (even when they go to the loo) !
• accelerometers (with collision intensity and event marking) – acceleration of movement or how hard players are being hit. (I so want to strap this to Nasher and Pottsy when they have their ‘Worlds Collide’ showdown)
• gyroscope (inclination – with bend down algorithm). Is the player bending down to pick up a ball or moving the trunck sideways
• magneto (gives orientation – ie is a player running backwards or forwards in direction X)
• heart rate pickup and transmit
The system can also use local trackers(antenna) if GPS is not available.

This is an open invite to anyone…if you want to see some pretty cool stuff come along…check out Dan’s site…it looks like it was designed the day after they opened the internet but he has some great kit….a lot of which we are going to be buying for the new gym.


6 thoughts on “Long time between drinks

  1. Redback Biotek’s technology sounds awesome but could it be a case of too much information?

    Only a complete idiot would want to be called The BOM.

    • Michael Sullivan said
      Redback Biotek’s technology sounds awesome but could it be a case of too much information?
      I have a sports technology plan for the gym…I have seen pretty much everything over the years and have a strong opinion on what is actually ‘usable’ and that’s what my plan will be about.

  2. Is Danny going to be there tomorrow? I wanna come see the expensive toys. Tell you what, if he doesn’t look like Desmond Llewelyn from the Bond movies I’m going to be very dissappointed.

    And yes I am on the internet again after a protracted battle and listening to Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now” while on hold to the ISP for the last 3 weeks.

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