James holds the most important record in the gym

This is about the same as the single reading for my abdominal skinfold…but I am working on that.

Lunge Variation
I was asked about this the other day as someone saw one of my GAA players doing it in another gym and they asked them what was it for…the player in question told them they assumed it was for a unknown wrong that they had done to me. No wonder so many people in the wider community like me so much when my own athletes have always got such nice things to say about me.

Anyway…here is James doing the same 2 way cable lunge in question.

If you want to know what it does or why I use it try it and let me know and I’ll print it on cards for athletes to hand out.

Something I just saw when I was out and about on the interweb.
This is a good blog…i.e. better than mine and way more interesting.


9 thoughts on “James holds the most important record in the gym

  1. Thanks Will, but your blog as an original piece of work is a lot better than my second hand gathering of whatever happens to interest me at the time.

    Link is appreciated though.



  2. Been following Conditioning Research for a while now. Great place to check out the new papers and all that info that comes up everyday both in academia and around the web. Best part of all is the they comment on significance/meaning. Highly recommended!

  3. Will – your link to Chris Highcock’s consistently excellent blog over at http://conditioningresearch.blogspot.com/ prompts me to ask you of your observations concerning sport specific training.

    The general gist of recent entries in Chris’s blog is that “the goal [of strength training] should be to gain strength in a safe, efficient, and effective way and then learn how to use that strength in a given sport. Trying to mimic the sport in training makes little or no sense”. In addition “Get stronger using appropriate rational strength training. Then, through skill training, apply that new strength to your sport”.

    I actually thought that was so obvious that it didn’t merit discussing – but then my frame of reference in seeing actual strength & conditioning coaches working with professional athletes is limited to one – you – so I don’t see what is going on.

    I think that strength training and skill training can be combined successfully in the gym – see your work with Barry in the work blocks showing strength exercises combined with punching & kicking (showing an ability to perform skilled movements in a fatigues state) – what you don’t appear to do is loaded punches with weighted gloves for example.

  4. One other thing – you asked if anyone could suggest why you have James performing the lunge variation.

    My best guess is to improve strength & stability in situations – for eample – where James would have been lunging forward with the tennis racket to reach a drop shot and then having to push off with the foot back to an upright position and getting ready to prepare for the next hit.

    It was actually this blog entry that also prompted my other question. This lunge variation is – to me at least – sport specific in improving single leg strength for specific situations that occurs is sport. Unless I have completely missinterpreted your rationale for this exercise!

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