Irish Drug Free Powerlifting Association – National Championships

The championships were held a couple of weeks back. I wish it had of been on my radar earlier because I definitely would have taken some of the lads from the gym to it. This federation is probably the best one for us as it unequipped and it’s drug tested just like we already are. It does have an equipped division but I don’t think anyone is interested in playing ‘dress ups’.

I know we don’t lift to competition rules…in fact I don’t even know what their competition rules are…but I intend to find out because I think it would be great craic to compete and it will give the lads something other than rugby to think about during the off season. It would serve a lot of purposes….1. It would be fun. 2. The lads would be focused on getting stronger in the core lifts…that has to be a good thing. 3. It would also encourage them to target and maintain their ideal playing weight…whether that be adding muscle mass or shedding fat and 4. It would be fun.

I thought I would through up some of the results so the lads could see what they are targeting:
75kg Class
Squat – 177.5kg
Bench – 130kg
Deadlift – 215kg
Total = 522.5kg

Squat – 150kg
Bench – 120kg
Deadlift – 195kg
Total = 465kg

82.5kg Class
Squat – 160kg
Bench – 120kg
Deadlift – 190kg
Total = 470kg

Squat – 145kg
Bench – 100kg
Deadlift – 210kg
Total = 455kg

90kg Class
Squat – 202.5kg
Bench – 145kg
Deadlift – 262.5kg
Total = 610kg

Squat – 165kg
Bench – 105kg
Deadlift – 230kg
Total = 495kg

100kg Class
Squat – 185kg
Bench – 130kg
Deadlift – 235kg
Total = 550kg

Squat – 172.5kg
Bench – 97.5kg
Deadlift – 230kg
Total = 500kg

110kg Class
Squat – 215kg
Bench – 130kg
Deadlift – 240kg
Total = 585kg

Squat – 210kg
Bench – 130kg
Deadlift – 232.5kg
Total = 572.5kg

125kg Class
Squat – 200kg
Bench – 161kg
Deadlift – 252kg
Total = 612.5kg

Squat – 185kg
Bench – 150kg
Deadlift – 230kg
Total = 565kg

So now you guys know what’s out there. We’ll find a competition somewhere around September hopefully and who ever wants to have a crack at it can do a little ‘ramp up’ for it and we’ll see how we get on. Otherwise we’ll have to plan an all out assault on the national championships this time next year.

Irish Drug Free Powerlifting Association
Have had a number of emails and texts about this so I thought I would throw up some links. You can find their website here. They have all their rules and records on the site so have a look there before you ask me any more questions I don’t have the answers to.


3 thoughts on “Irish Drug Free Powerlifting Association – National Championships

    • Probably more depth in some classes than others. I am looking forward to seeing how some of the lads will get on….have had a few emails and texts about it so I don’t think there will be any shortage of competitors.

      • Hey guys looking to start doing some comps but have never done one… Any tips on who to contact if you live in Galway for rules and such😀

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