Liars and cheaters

I have them all…I suppose it’s only right since I pretty much made them that way and athletes end up being a reflection of their coaches.

I thought I would post another different type of session for you….most of you won’t get to try it as it requires three people and I know if you are reading this you are most likely a friendless loser who spends more time reading about training than actually doing it but I’ll post it anyway.

Team Conditioning Session
This is a high intensity sort duration muscular endurance session…very much power orientated and done in groups of three.

Warm Ups – 10 mins of cardio along with some hip and shoulder mobility work…you know the deal by now.

Work Block 1
100 KB (20kg) Squats
100 Push Ups
50 Pull Ups

Work Block 2
100 Step Ups (30 inch box each leg)
50 Inverted Rows
50 DB Presses (18kg each arm)

Work Block 3
50 Trap Bar Deadlifts (100kg)
100 Bench Press (60kg)
50 DB Rows (30kg each arm)

Work Block 4
100 Box Jumps (30 inch box)
100 Floor Presses (25kg each arm)
100 Sit Ups

Work Block 5
50 Elevated Split Squats (each leg)
50 Push Press (60kg)
50 Barbell Rows (60kg)

Work Block 6
100 Natural Reverse Hypers
100 Back Extensions
100 Hanging Leg Raises

So…the way it worked is the lads break into groups of three. All the groups had different strategies…I don’t care how people do these sessions because they always end the same way…bloody hard…the groups are timed on each block and the times go up on the board and the cumulative time is calculated at the end.

To give you some idea of the way it is supposed to work…I put these blocks together to last 5 minutes each if they are done well and done flat out…so the total work time is 30 minutes for the blocks. All the groups start at once and there is a minute recovery between blocks timed from when the last group finishes the particular block they are on.

Now to the reason for the liars and cheaters remark in the title. I came in this morning and looked at some of the times on the board…one thing in particular struck me…many of the lads are liars and cheats…I looked at the times for Work Block 1….earlier yesterday Nasher, Pottsy and myself did this entire session before all the other lads did it in the afternoon and evening…it took us 6 minute to do Work Block 1…now keep in mind that Pottsy and myself are exceptional athletes of the highest calibre and even though we had to basically carry Nasher through the entire session as he was constantly out of breath from crying and moaning about his sore toe.
So anyway…one of the groups had a time of 1 minute 38 seconds on the board and another had 1 minute 50 seconds. Just think about that for a second….100 KB squats, 100 push ups and 50 pull ups…in 1 minute and 38 seconds? Give me a fucking break! As I am sure you realise…1 minute and 40 seconds is 100 seconds…so even if they were just doing the KB squats they’d have had to do them faster than 1 rep a second….ignoring the fact that they had to also slip in 100 push ups and 50 pull ups in their downtime between the 1 rep a second they were doing on the KB Squats. Thankfully about 10 minutes after I walked in this morning 3 of these liars and cheats walked in…these 3 were 2 members of the 1 minute 38 second group and 1 member of the 1 minute 50 second. After telling them that they were totally full of shit I got €100 out of my wallet and offered it to them if they could do it in under 2 minutes.

They didn’t even get close…I didn’t count all the push ups or pull ups (and I’m positive they cheated anyway) but they took more than 2 minutes to get the 100 KB Squats done…so they didn’t get rich this morning.


4 thoughts on “Liars and cheaters

  1. Just to clear a few things up we didnt cheat yesterday!! I have already explained how we got our first time we had 2 kettle bells goin at once, you didnt say when you put session up on the board there was anything wrong with that. so leaving out the first block where else did we cheat along the way? if your so sure we cheated in the other 5 blocks put more money on it and my team will be rich!!!!!

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