I thought I better start answering some questions

Cal asked the following:

As a follow up to these 30/30 test scores, how would you interpret the following numbers?

He’s a 26 year old former rugby player planning comeback. Honestly, haven’t done any ‘conditioning’ (ie anything but weights) since end of 2007 and is 1.80m, 105kg and is about 18-20% body fat.

The first thing I’d be doing is getting that first score up…as I’m sure you’ve picked up here if you’ve been reading the blog…I’m very much a power first and endurance after kind of guy…I think quality first and quantity second. Was that what you were looking for? The other thing is…I don’t tend to ‘train’ on the rower…just use it for testing.

Luke asked the following:

Hey Will. Fantastic blog. Hoping you could help me out with something I’ve seen a lot of conflicting information about.

How much interval training or other work capacity stuff is appropriate when trying to gain strength?
Test. That’s the key thing. If you are looking to get stronger and your not….then you may be doing too much interval training or work capacity stuff…either that or your strength program blows.

I’ve got zero interest in gaining mass for its own sake, but I’m very interested in getting stronger relative to my size. If that means getting a little bigger, then okay. My sport is soccer/basketball/lacrosse-style in that it requires quick bursts at high intensity interspersed with short recovery periods.
Sounds like a brilliant hybrid game.

How much can this capacity be trained while working on strength/speed/quickness, that is, very-high-intensity, long-recovery work?
Yes…that isn’t the answer you are looking for I know. This sort of thing really comes down to the individual…if you want to come to the gym and you have a spare €105 a month I’d be happy to help you.



2 thoughts on “I thought I better start answering some questions

  1. Hey Will, thanks for the response. You’re right, that last question is the one I wanted answered. I’ve got a spare $140 and would love to come to your gym but unfortunately I live and work about a 5500-km trans-Atlantic flight away. I wish there were more gyms like yours where EVERYONE works with the coaches. I’d gladly pay $140/month for that. Do you know of any gyms near Washington, DC that are like yours in that way? My current gym is great (no globo, people actually doing work) but the coaches, while also great, are too expensive for my pocket on the day-to-day. Oh well.

    Also, Eric: Ultimate Frisbee.

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