You have to go to the 4 minute mark in this video

I know I have a heap of work to do and I’ve approximately a zillion emails to answer…but I just wanted to put this up first.

It is nice to see someone I coach contributing something worthwhile to society…the Cookie Monster strikes again.

The surprising thing is that Cookies is always so concerned with safety in the gym…I mean this is a guy that uses safety collars on the leg press for God’s sake…he didn’t seem to concerned with safety when he tackled that guy in the video.

Cookies is always worried about the Leg Press tipping over

Cookies is always worried about the Leg Press tipping over

In other news…Damian’s updated his blog
You can find it here. Yesterday he basically designed his own program. I thought some people might find it interesting and as far as program design goes and might want to talk through the thought process behind it.

Disciplinary Action


11 thoughts on “You have to go to the 4 minute mark in this video

  1. Where is the one to say no she should not be banned? Plus in my defence Will poured water down my trousers when i was training not minding anyone….so i got a drop over him which resulted in him drenching me like a wet duck so my training was cut short as i was soaked i had to go home.
    He literally mentally abuses me everyday, it reminds me off been in school all bad memories came rushing back of been bullied and humilated when I was a child,so yesterday I had enough off going off crying and stood up for myself and refused to be bullied or pushed out my a bunch of male shovenist pigs.

    (ps Fanj you cry like a little girl, you are a rugby player, pull yourself together)

  2. Thanks Barry, the poll isnt very fair there should also be a box you can tick for people that want me to stay πŸ™‚

    Its around 4mins…Cookies is in the white and tackles some guy. you cant see his face just from behind

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