More brilliant emails

I got an email today asking about whether the fact that I wasn’t blogging so often was because I’d lost my job…which I though was funny since I am self employed and that would basically involve firing myself. Now don’t think I haven’t come close a few times…I do make myself mad sometimes but no the reason that I’ve been blogging a little less is not because I have been sacked its because I’ve been busier than normal…not much busier…just a bit busier.

Real live athletes training in a real live gym
I thought I better put up a bit of training stuff as well…this is what they got up to tonight.
So in case that is all as clear as mud…they did two blocks of cardio with a short sharp strength block in between and did three of these in total.

Denise is trying to get back in my good books
This looks like an apology to me?

Seminar matters
I sent out all the PDF’s of Lyle’s seminar this morning so if you didn’t get them and you were at the seminar you better email me and let me know. I am going to write a full seminar review as soon as I get time…it might have to wait for the weekend though. We’ll see how we go.


4 thoughts on “More brilliant emails

  1. That is not an apology its me saying no hard feelings and just me being my general pleasant self 🙂

    But if by doing that Im sending out the wrong signal I wont do it again

  2. 1. You do not have a good side to get back on.
    2. If you did have a good side, it would take at least 24 muffins.
    3. You have terrible penmanship.

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