A great weekend…eating muffins and drinking coffee

Mainly because I did little to no work…which was excellent…going to start trying to do nothing far more often.

Lyle’s seminar was on Sunday and I know I got a lot out of it…not because I learnt anything new…but mainly because I got to hear different opinions and ask questions. I get asked a lot of questions myself and as with questions related to training when questions are asked about sports nutrition the answer is almost always prefaced with the word…depends.

I think I’ve said here on the blog before…and if I haven’t said it before I’ll say it now…I think the 3 areas for growth in regards to improvements in sports performance are in improving recovery modalities, sports psychology and sports nutrition. It was excellent to spend the day covering a lot of the stuff that I knew the generalities of but had wanted specifics on.

I am going to put up a ‘seminar synopsis’ here and then I am going to post up what I got out of it…but work comes first…real work that is…not internet work.

For those that attended I will put all the presentation slides on a PDF and email them out to you.


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