My idiocy

This is completely irrelevant to all but about 30 of you…but in my post yesterday I said the seminar on Sunday was kicking off at 11am…don’t go and look because I’ve fixed it. It is actually going to kick off at 10am. If you are coming and have the time and inclination bring your training gear as we’ll be getting a session in after the seminar…a training session that is. You can also bring your clothes that you wore to mass that morning because we’ll be going out for something to eat afterwards as well and you’d be most welcome to tag along. As anyone who has ever been to a seminar knows….all the good and interesting stuff actually happens before, at lunch and after the seminars are done so you surely don’t want to miss out on that.

So anyone that wants to come…Sunday…10am at St Mary’s Rugby Club, Templeville Rd Tempelogue….and don’t forget to bring ā‚¬55…it’s not really for the seminar…more for the coffee and muffins.


7 thoughts on “My idiocy

  1. Hey Lyle sorry never said goodbye, completely forgot cause Im such s sieve head….anyway really enjoyed your seminar thanks very much even if i didnt get a magic invisible potion for my ass…was lovely meeting you and Sarah and was a great experience being at your seminar

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