Always working hard

I’m getting busier and busier. Barry and I look like we might have found ourselves a new boss…someone to be the Business and Operations Manager for Informed Performance. The first thing he told us…after he told me to shut up…was that we can’t talk about the new gym any more. I’m going to find this difficult to the point of pain but I’m going to do what I’m told because he’s American and therefore much smarter and better than us so he must be obeyed.

I’m going to get back to blogging about training instead…it’s been flat out in the gym…literally.005
There’s lots going on at the moment training wise and I’m also finalising all the details for Lyle’s seminar this weekend which I am really looking forward to. If I know you or work with you and you aren’t coming don’t ever expect me to take you seriously when you ask me a question on nutrition ever again. You can find the details for the seminar here. The title says it all really. Lyle will be going through some of the basic theory of sports nutrition but there’ll be a major focus on how to put ‘best practice’with regards to sports nutrition in place so you can optimise the results of your training…whether you are looking to get leaner and ditch the flab or to increase your muscle mass and strength or more importantly…to improve your performance on the pitch.

If you are reading this and you are attending on Sunday and you haven’t received an email me from me today then you better send me one with ‘Lyle McDonald – Seminar’ in the title or you won’t be getting the seminar handout prior to Sunday’s seminar!

I can’t wait for Lyle to get here because I think I broke my metabolism.


18 thoughts on “Always working hard

    • I’m so surprised we haven’t heard from Carl and Club? I thought for sure that once they knew I was tied up opening another gym they’d throw down the gauntlet knowing I couldn’t get away.

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