Just want to wish Barry all the best tomorrow in his fight

He has trained well. Did what he was told and has improved his conditioning immensely…that is no guarantee of success but it sure as hell helps. You can see how much his fitness has improved just by looking at the heart rate data from the sessions that we use as markers. I generally always have a marker sessions on top of the fitness testing that all athletes do so that I can measure an athletes progress. What that session is made up of is dependent on the sport. In Barry’s case he had a condition and weights circuit session…you can see all the details here. He made enormous progress and I couldn’t have been happier with what we got out of him. He was weighing in at 79.6kg yesterday morning which puts him perfectly on target for a 77kg weigh in this afternoon at 5pm…he hasn’t had to to do anything drastic to make weight which takes an huge amount of pressure of a fighter. The thing that I’m most pleased with though is that we’ve tidied up a lot of the issues that we uncovered in his initial screening…they’ve not been completely fixed…that’ll take more time…but they are definitely much much less of an issue than they were. I cut together for comparison some really straightforward footage of Barry doing band pull-a-parts early on when we started working together and from yesterday. I’ll let you judge for yourself whether you think there is an improvement.


3 thoughts on “Just want to wish Barry all the best tomorrow in his fight

  1. I don’t imagine Barry will have much time to tune into the blog before the fight but I just wanted to add my support and hope you get the result your hard work deserves.

    Good luck mate!

  2. Actually…

    I’m bored stupid. All I’m doing is eating for the night. I reckon I’m the only fighter who went for a walk with his dog to lose the last 500g of weight 😀

    That video is unbelievable I had no idea how bad I was before.

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