I haven’t had a rant in a long time…I won’t be able to say that tommorrow

I try to be positive…I try to hold all the hate in…but sometimes I find it impossible.

I was in town a few days ago and ran into an athlete I used to coach. He tried to pretend that he didn’t see me…I don’t play that game. We started talking about training and he preceded to tell me how great his training is going, how fantastic his new coach is, how great his new programs are etc etc. Then we got to the gold…I asked him how he was going in competition this season…to cut a long story short…he is doing worse than when he came to me for coaching. So in short every single thing about his training is better now than it was with me…better coaching, better programs…the only thing that isn’t better is him…he’s worse than he ever was with me.

He told me all about how his coach plans out all of his training, maps out his season and all the phases, how all the sessions are planned and how cutting edge all the training methodologies and technologies utilised are…the only thing that I can figure that is wrong with the picture he was painting for me was the fact that he’s 3 years older, is devoting more time and energy than ever to his training and his performance is worse…does anyone else see something wrong with this picture?

This brings me to point 5 in my Let me tell you somethings that I know series:

5. Complexity does not equal superiority…this is something that never ceases to amaze and astound me…so many athletes and clients seem to link those two things together equating one with the other and quite frankly it’s idiotic and in most cases it is to their detriment. I suppose it must be linked to what I assume is natural ‘novelty seeking’ behaviour. People want to do new exercises and use new equipment and do it in new an exciting ways…that’s all fine…and I’m all for it…just as soon as you master the basics first. I think I could take the the majority of athletes that I see and using nothing more than an x-vest and chin up bar by way of equipment I could make them a better athlete…would it be ‘optimal’…certainly not…but I bet it would be a damned site better than some of the stuff that I see them doing right now. Absolutely. X-vest squats, single leg squats and single leg deadlifts, good mornings, push ups, inverted rows and pull ups…could make a huge number of athletes better than ever with nothing more than that.

I have had to listen to what I’d like to think of as a perfect storm of criticism this week from a variety of sources…I say had to because it seems that no one can mention my name in passing or mention me anywhere on the internet without someone ringing to tell me or sending me an email about it. The only thing that all the people making criticism seem to have in common is that none of them have a clue what they are talking about…firstly, from what I can see from what they’ve had to say…none of them know me and secondly, in obvious reference to my first point…none of them seem to know anything at all about what I do. One of them deserves special mention…he’s a powerlifter….as anyone who knows me would know…I love powerlifting…I’ve a lot of friends that are powerlifters…I’ll grant you they are mostly in the US but they are powerlifters all the same…so don’t think for a second that I am anti powerlifting or anti powerlifters…this individual just happens to be a powerlifter and what he had to say was emailed to me by a few people and a number of people spoke to me about it. I will summarise what he had to say…and any of you who read the blog can feel free to correct me if I’m wrong because I am going to paraphrase here….’Strength and Conditioning coaches in rugby are crap’ and that ‘lifting in rugby is about nothing more than high squats and heavily spotted benches’. Does anyone other than me have a problem with that? We were discussing this in the gym today…I’ll tell you what I see in the future…I see a certain supposedly crap rugby coach coaching some high squatting crap benching rugby player to some drug free unequipped teenage records. Then I see that same crap coach taking another high squatting rugby player…someone like this kid…

…and putting him in some single ply gear just for a laugh and going after some junior records. Unfortunately for me this particular guy didn’t shoot his mouth off earlier otherwise we could have got ready for all championships and competitions coming up in the next month or two. I’ll definitely be going along to a few competitions over the next few months to check out the lay of the land. Being a crap strength and conditioning coach I obviously have a lot to learn but hopefully will find some competitions around our late pre season that we can target…because that will be the other thing…the guys that I enter in these competitions will still be training for rugby…the powerlifting we’ll do as a bit of a hobby on the side. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m nothing if not vengeful, vindictive and spiteful (and they are my better attributes) so if you fancy betting against us being able to better this individuals records than feel free to email me or post hear and we’ll put some money on it.

Last time someone bet against me this was the result….

But don’t be too concerned…of all the guys that bet me I couldn’t lift 180kg only a few of them paid up.

Brophy – €75 (Paid)
Nasher – €25 (Paid)
Jimmy – €50 (Paid)

Even though I turned up with an envelope full of cash…it’s a cultural thing really…in Australia when we shoot our mouths off…as I often do…we always back it up or we pay up. I understand that things work differently here so if you want to bet against me and lose as these guys did.

Bushy – €100 (Unpaid)
Penguin – €75 (Unpaid)
Logi – €75 (Unpaid)
Killer – €25 (Unpaid)
Louis – €25 (Unpaid)

I won’t hold it against you.


6 thoughts on “I haven’t had a rant in a long time…I won’t be able to say that tommorrow

  1. Remember what hate and anger did to Anakin Skywalker ;P

    You seem to have heaps of run ins online … I’ve only ever had two! I don’t get why you’ve got so many haters. Perhaps people misconstrue your dry sense of humor??

    Whats up with people making bets and not paying up? That’s just wrong! I’ve never had a person fail to pay up on a bet!

    And finally … Man you have a big nose—not quite Bill Lawry big, but still pretty big.

  2. Thefightgeek said
    Remember what hate and anger did to Anakin Skywalker ;P
    I know…but in fairness the uniforms are always so much cooler on the dark side.

    You seem to have heaps of run ins online … I’ve only ever had two!
    Which is what I think is the funniest…because I really spend very little time online other than here. The only forum I spend time on is Lyle’s and I really don’t even post there any more. I did in the past spend a lot of time online annoying people and I think there are a few people that miss that and who know that I’m quite easily baited so are always sending me stuff that they know that I’ll think is just plain stupid in an attempt to get me to ‘go off on one’. I do a pretty good job of resisting…but some moron talking shit about coaching and about athletes that I enjoy working with was just too funny to ignore. He has some records for himself which I hope he is proud of because it will make all the prouder when I coach one of the athletes he was talking shit about to breaking his records and wiping his name out.

    I don’t get why you’ve got so many haters.
    I have a general idea why.

    Perhaps people misconstrue your dry sense of humor??
    That is part of it. People who actually know me…as in those who have met me read everything I say in my ‘voice’ if you get what I mean? They understand the tone…others don’t.

    Whats up with people making bets and not paying up? That’s just wrong! I’ve never had a person fail to pay up on a bet!
    It must be an Irish thing. They seem to be fine with it. Where I come from not paying up would have resulted in several actions. 1. I would have had to change my name as I would be disowned by friends and family. 2. I would have had to leave town as I wouldn’t have been able to walk around. 3. I would have never been able to look another human being in the eye again because of my shame….but that’s just me.

    And finally … Man you have a big nose—not quite Bill Lawry big, but still pretty big.
    This is true. Can’t believe you didn’t notice before?

  3. It is true that I hear Will’s voice when reading his stuff but now I mostly hear the static and garbled noises from him getting too close to the microphone on his Skype phone. vfffjkffgfgy “mate” bbgyuihjkbiu “retahd” bhbhhvhhf “idiot” bjvhjgkjgj “cheers”

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