Pass the parcel

I got this email today:

You know what you shouldn’t try? Paired plate shifting on AstroTurf. My fucking elbows are torn up.

That’s why we do them on a mat…and do you know what…if you are willing to go crazy you can even do it as a threesome or a foursome…nothing like sharing the pain around.

8 laps one way and 8 laps the other way...3 sets...2 mins between sets

8 laps one way and 8 laps the other way...3 sets...2 mins between sets

Fitness Testing
The funniest bit of my day today was when we were laughing about our new fitness testing method and Jimmy who hadn’t been ‘tested’ want me to test him…I told him to got get my tape out of the drawer. He came back with this…

A little optimistic don't you think?

A little optimistic don't you think?

I meant my girth tape and he comes back with a 30 metre measuring tape…now Jimmy has a good set of guns on him but they aren’t even close to 30 metres in circumference.

They were all chasing Andy’s temporary record of 16 3/4 inches…

Unfortunately for everybody Logi came in and unsheathed his 17 3/4 inch pythons and ended all the arguments. So that’s it for testing from now on…every 6 weeks we’ll get out the tape measure and see who really is the fittest.

Session of the Day
A bunch of the gals that were in today all did this:

Bike – 5 mins
Row – 10x100m with 30 sec recovery
1A Leg Press – 5 reps
1B Lat Pulldowns – 5 reps
1C Push Ups
10 minute work block…as many laps as possible.
Row – 10x100m with 45 sec recovery
2A Step Ups – 5 each leg
2B DB Row – 5 each side
2C DB Shoulder Press – 5 each side
Row – 10x100m with 60 sec recovery


2 thoughts on “Pass the parcel

  1. As with all testing, protocol is of vital importance to ensure standardised results across different athletes and of course, across time.

    During Monday’s gunslinging match a few discrepancies were notable:

    It was my understanding that you used the following method of testing:

    1) the non-writing (weaker) arm
    2) raised parallel to the floor
    3) flexed but with the forearm not allowed to produce an angle smaller then 90 degrees with the bicep.

    Now, please correct me if this understanding is way off.

    If this is so then Andy’s video is the equivalent of doing your max pull-ups test with an iron woody band!!!

    Logi is obviously miles in front of everyone but did he con you by presenting his left arm?? He is after all left handed.

    It would also be prudent, imo, to disallow an athlete from testing if they have been in the gym in the previous 12-24 hours… your call on time allowable. Pre-pump testing opens up a whole new can of worms and it’s bad enough seeing the mount of bodybuilding that goes on!!

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