Hurry while stocks last…

…and then there were 8…7 people have said that they want to are take up the ‘preferably shortened lifespan plan’ memberships and be involved in what Barry and I are trying to do. The offer is €1000 for 5 years membership of Informed Performance. The thing is wanting to be involved is one thing…over this weekend 3 people have already forked over the cash…which is absolutely brilliant…considering that we don’t even have a gym and they don’t even know where it is other than a general area…they unlike the other 4 of the 7 who have said they want memberships are totally committed to what Barry and I are doing. These memberships will be going to the people who are committed…the ones that fork over the cash…we appreciate the people who want to be involved but the rewards will go those that pay on a first come basis.

Being involved is one thing but being committed is something else all together…think about the contribution that the pig and the chicken made to your bacon and eggs that you had for breakfast this morning…sure the chicken was involved but the pig was totally committed…are you are chicken or a pig?

While we are talking about being committed…
I just wanted to say well done to the girls who beat Scotland yesterday 23-0 in the 6 Nations and in the process guaranteed their qualification for the World Cup. You can read the match report here and see Fiona trucking up ball with what appears to be the entire Scottish side hanging off her. I’m going to make her carry me around the gym all next week…it’ll be much more functional…I read again this morning that apparently squatting is bad. Hasn’t seemed to do the girls performances much damage though.


9 thoughts on “Hurry while stocks last…

  1. I think this is the first post I’ve seen you make here that sounded like all of the other dipshitted guru blogs.

    The whole chicken pig thing is what really did it for me.

  2. This is the first time in my life people have actually been tripping over themselves to give me money. I think we underpriced it.

    I was actually thinking that it would be worth someone’s while getting a loan from a bank of a grand and then paying it back over 5 years. Imagine paying €20 a month for your gym membership, and that’s at 10% interest…

    Can we revisit that price? Damn.

  3. Madonna’s personal trainer charges a $4500 initiation fee and then it is about $200 a month and they don’t lift anything more than 3 pound dumbbells.

    Raise your fecking prices any time you want.

  4. Will, what the hell was this all about? Are you part of the inner circle, now?

    The chicken and the pig….AHAHAHAHAH

  5. Well it’s that ancient metaphysical riddle isn’t it? Which came first, the chicken or the pig? I have to say that I don’t like this chicken/pig analogy. If you break down the meaning basically it’s saying would you like to contribute something that you will have again and again or would you like to get slaughtered and eaten by us?

    Thankfully it’s not the first time I’ve been embarrassed to be associated with Will and I doubt it will be the last.

  6. I was actually going to give away a full membership to anyone that knew where that chicken and pig reference was from…mainly because I knew the only people that would get that joke would be from within the Australian rugby community.

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