The show has to go on

Naturally if I was someone other than who I am I would be leaving that last post up and probably not doing anything with the blog for a week or so and maximise exposure…but thankfully I am not that guy.

The lads did some conditioning work…Traps is nursing a dead leg…so it went like this:

Single Arm Kettlebell Swings – 5
Single Arm Kettlebell Rows – 5
Single Arm Kettlebell Press – 2

It was a 10 minute work block…they weren’t allowed to put the kettlebell down for the 10 minutes…5 swings, row and presses on one arm then repeat on the other side.

Then Ab Rollouts

Pull Ups – 3
Elevated Push Ups – 10
Another 10 minute work block…as many sets as they could manage….then they did 3 sets of this:

This is a variation that we do on this…..after all…sharing is caring…even if what you are sharing is fatigue.


3 thoughts on “The show has to go on

  1. niceeee

    Tony gentilcore mentioned that in his latest article according to cillian!

    ‘invented by will heffernan’ 🙂

    Good stuff out you!


    • Yeah…I’ll have to advertise on their blogs and websites in the US…since so many of these ‘famous’ coaches in the US all read my blog…while no one here Ireland reads mine because they are too busy reading about all the training secretz in theirs.

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