It’s all about the bench

Here’s Barry’s warm up set from today. We sorta kinda did a testing session.

I wasn’t going to test him today but he picked up a little niggle in his hip training on the mat last night so decided to take it easy today and let it settle over the weekend. I was thinking of just doing a heavy bench session with a view to doing his testing next week…but once we got started I thought we might as well test today so as to not waste another days training next week.

So we benched…last testing session he got 60kg….went for 80kg and got stapled to the bench…he didn’t even get close to moving it off his chest…today he did his first proper warm up set at 60kg for a triple, 70kg easy for a double, 80kg for an easy single….missed 85kg and this is why I need a cameraman…I did my whole coaching thing…I’ll let Barry tell you how complex and detailed my coaching points were and next time he got 85kg easy. His technique is really unrefined…but that is basically because he really hasn’t benched since he’s been training with me…it is way down on my priority list…his imbalances in his back was a much bigger issue as far as I was concerned and injury minimisation has been one of my major priorities. If we focused on it there’d be another 5-10kg there fairly readily and if we made it a priority he’d get a 100kg bench I’d say pretty confidently.

Then we did his inverted rows…like I said I wasn’t going to do a full test…just wanted to see how he’d go…he got 6 reps in 60 seconds last time. That isn’t a fantastic score. Well today he got 30 reps…that on the other hand is a great score.

I figured at this stage we might as well finish testing…he got 39 push ups, 8 pull ups and 170kg on the trap bar deadlift. So all in all I’m pretty pleased with his progress…a lot done and yet more to do.

The Seminar
The money is already rolling for Lyle’s Seminar on the 5th of April and the first of the names are on the list. Lyle obviously has much better drawing power than I have…but I suppose that’s a given…. after all Lyle’s American and that’s where Lindsay Lohan was invented so he must also be fantastic. I’ll be working out the capacity for the venue this week and putting a cap on the numbers attending. I’m secretly hoping that we’ll hit the number before hand just so I can tell the people who turn up and think they’ll be able to just pay on the day to attend to piss off. I’ve worked out that if I can sell another 36358 places than Lyle and I will both be millionaires…I have counted the chairs…but it may be pushing it.
So if you want to go be sure to send me an email and arrange to get the money to me soon and make sure you get your name on the guest list.

I saw this gem of advice from Lyle just then:
Originally Posted by Lyle McDonald
If you check the macros on a standard donut, it’s actually not that bad. At about 250 calories, like 8 grams of fat and the rest carbs. Two donuts plus 30-40 grams of protein will be about the same as a clean meal macro wise. And taste better. And leave you hungry again in 20 minutes which facilitates the eating needed to get huge.

How could you not want to come and get advice from a genius like that?


10 thoughts on “It’s all about the bench

    • In fairness though the majority of people are complete morons…I can remember when Eric Cressey was over…people actually said to the guy who organised it that they didn’t go because ‘it was so cheap that they didn’t think it would be worth it’…I was in hysterics….these are the same morons paying €4000 to listen to that idiot Poliquin and get their certification…do you want to take a guess how many people that have forked over €4000 have ever failed to get their certification. I’ll say this straight out Lyle has probably been one of the biggest influences on my coaching in the past 5 years….well not Lyle himself because he is a nerd…but the stuff he’s written. I know that sounds kind of funny so I want to explain. I’d never really been a coach that was ‘into nutrition’. It wasn’t something that I read about or that I felt really made much difference. This was mainly because all my athletes ate a good diet with plenty of variety and I didn’t see nutrition making much of a difference. I was an idiot and I think it was to the detriment of the athletes I coached. The thing is…I’m not so much of an idiot that I haven’t tried to address this. I was asked by a young athlete the other day who is thinking about studying sports science what he should get into and I told him without hesitation…sports nutrition and sports psychology…because if you were to ask me now what were the fields that were going to make the biggest impact on training in the future I’d tell you…sports psychology and sports nutrition for sure.

      So anyway…enough ranting…if you are interested in sport and in optimising sports performance then get along to Lyle’s seminar…if for no other reason than for the fact that you are bound to make some great contacts and have a good time…as well as learning something.

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