This ones going out to my main man Joel

I can’t find Joel’s question but I think it was something about inverted rows…or more to the point..improving them…so Joel if this isn’t what you were after ask again and I’ll have another crack at it.

Just as an aside. I was checking out the stats on YouTube and this is the video of all the videos I have on YouTube that has the most views.

I just thought I would throw it up here because it seems like soooo long ago now and I thought the lads in the video would get a kick out of it.

While I’m at it…well done to James McGee who although he lost his first ever Davis Cup match going down in 4 sets backed up the next day to win a thrilling doubles match to seal the deal for Ireland…well done James…yet another successful athlete that I don’t coach in the facility that I don’t have.

James practicing his Jedi levitation skills that only a Yoda like myself could teach

James practicing his Jedi levitation skills that only a Yoda like myself could teach

As an aside to my aside…I heard yesterday that as per usual I had no one to coach…that athletes and clients were leaving in droves and that it was all doom and gloom for me apparently…and I just want to confirm that yes….things are so bad that I will be opening another new 6,500 square foot facility on the north side of Dublin just to keep up the façade and am in the process of hiring yet more actors to pretend to be athletes…that’s how bad things have gotten for me…more news in the not too distant future.


10 thoughts on “This ones going out to my main man Joel

    • Mate as soon as all the contracts and paper work is done…believe me…you’ll be hearing all about it. I don’t want to say to much as the agreements to date are verbal…when everything is down in writing I’ll spill the beans.

      Send me an email…let me know where you are training now and how you heard about the blog I might give you some inside information?

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  2. Well done James really happy for really deserve it all your hard training and you really are a nice fella…there is some difference in your shoulders have to say since Will trained you..Good Work Will

  3. Nope I am deadly much as I love to insult you…its the truth I remember the 1st time you trained James and I remember how bad his shoulders were and there is some improvement down to your coaching

  4. Thanks mate!
    I haven’t been able to check the blog for a while, im in San Francisco at the IHRSA event. Helping out a friend who’s got a new machine out (

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