Ideas rich and time poor

That has been the story of my week. It makes me wonder how all those super duper strength and conditioning coaches working in the US in particular have the time to coach all those unnamed Olympians and countless unnamed professional athletes and yet still pump out two articles a week, maintain their websites and update their blogs. It must just my poor time management skills. I’ve been busier that normal and I’m not complaining about that. Just haven’t had time to do all my really important work like updating the blog. I was going to do a whole re cap of the week that was but decided that would just be too much like hard work. Instead I’m going to just pretend like last week didn’t happen and just start blogging again as per normal this week.


13 thoughts on “Ideas rich and time poor

    • It looks like he’s a lot better than me…his videos get heaps more views than mine…he must train way more people and do it way better than I do…he’s definitely winning the battle where it counts…on the internet.

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