Cheaters never prosper…except in our gym…where they always end up on top

The girls have been doing some good work over the last few weeks. Tonight’s session looked like this:

5x2mins cardio + stretching
1A Hurdle Steps
1B Scap Push Ups
1C Over’s & Under’s
1D Scap Pull Ups

Single Arm DB Snatch – 2 w/u sets of 8 reps, 5 work sets of 5 reps

Box Squats – 2 w/u sets of 5 reps, 5 work sets of 3 reps

Plate Shifting – 5 sets of 4(2.5kg) + 4(5kg)
Band Pull Ups – 2 w/u sets of 12 reps, 5 work sets of 8 reps with 5 sets of 8 elevated push ups.
Torque Press – 4 sets of 8 reps + 30second isometric hold.

Now the form isn’t perfect…but I can live with that…you learn by doing…not by talking every exercise to death. I know a lot of coaches seem to have a problem with DB Snatches…I think the main reason for this is because one particular coach who makes his name by being a contrary has a problem with them. That aside I’ve always liked them and have never had any problems with them.

Practical Principles of Sports Nutrition and Fat Loss – Sunday April 5th
The seminar will be on Sunday the 5th and it will cost €55 as stated…there seemed to be some confusion there. If you want to help make this seminar a success feel free to take the link from the actual seminar thread and post it anywhere and anywhere you think it might be of interest to people.

Shoulder Stability and Prehabilitation Variations
These are a couple of the many, many things that I meant to post last week that I ran out of time to do.

The Bet – Update
Remember that bet from back in November? The one where these guys bet me I couldn’t bench 180kg’s…which I did after 3 whole weeks of training. Well here’s where it stands at the moment.

Brophy – €75 (Paid)
Nasher – €25 (Paid)
Jimmy – €50 (Paid)

Bushy – €100 (Unpaid)
Penguin – €75 (Unpaid)
Logi – €75 (Unpaid)
Killer – €25 (Unpaid)
Louis – €25 (Unpaid)


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